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  1. @OraMyAura

    Fire Eagle!

    This is the superhero character I created using  Needless to say, it was the first time I’d ever done anything of that nature and although that site was pretty basic, it was fun and my kids were so startled to see Mommy creating a Super Hero character!  The inspiration for the costume design come from …

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  2. @Maggieo_13

    Week 6 Assignments!

     DesignAssignments2115 was my first assignment I did. I was able to create my super hero Super Nova by using .This was 4 stars.  My next design assignment was DesignAssignments2101. I  used an online font creator. This was 2 and 1 half stars.  My next design was DesignAssignments2099 this was 2 and 1 half stars.  I went online and […]
  3. @k8lynclements

    Meet Mericful Mise en Place

    Design Your Superhero – 4 Stars This design assignment had me create my super hero that I have been referring to throughout the semester. I used the Hero Machine website to make her. This took a lot of time because the website can be sort of tricky but once I got used to the website I started having a lot of fun! So below is Merciful Mise en Place! She is a super chef that follows all culinary safety rules. She...

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