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  1. @ana_leino

    Moon Graffiti and the Power of Storytelling Without Visuals

    This was such a powerful thing to listen to.  I had fairly low expectations given that my only experience listening to stories was My Prairie Home Companion on NPR.  But this was powerful and evocative–more real than expected.  It’s really amazing how much impact sound and sound design have on the stories we watch or listen …

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  2. @ana_leino

    What makes a superhero and a superhero story

    I’ve been made familiar with the Hero’s Journey prevalent throughout many different stories from different times and cultures.  However, I didn’t realize until Vonnegut’s explanation how incredibly common the type of stories we grow up with are.  Some of my favorite superhero stories are of heroes that have been beat down, broken by the weight …

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  3. @ana_leino

    A day in the life of the Terrific Dazzler

    I really enjoyed this writing assignment since I’ve always been a creatively-minded person.  When I was younger I used to make up characters that I would draw and write stories about them.  My favorite types of stories to write and read always involved magical powers so having the chance to write something about a superhero’s …

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  4. @ana_leino

    This picture is worth a couple of words

    While scrolling through my computer to find a random photo to write about for this final assignment, I came across this picture.  Brought back a couple of memories. This is me three years ago when I was a freshman here at UMW, home for my first fall break.  I had brought my roommate back since …

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  5. @ana_leino

    “This life is yours. Some of it has been given to you; the rest you’ve made yourself.”

    The child, no older than ten years, quietly read his fortune while the rest of his family laughed around him, trading fortunes back and forth, giggling over the ones that were spot on or way off.  His mother, seated across from him reached her hand out across the table.  “What does your fortune say, love?”  …

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  6. @ana_leino

    Hero Intros

    by I put together this playlist with superhero-type characters in mind.  I really love how in movies certain songs are played along with the introduction of a character and at the climax of that movie.  These are meant to be character and moment-defining songs that stick in your head.  The songs that I put on …

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  7. @ana_leino

    Bucket List (to be edited later) (in life)

    1. Travel: cross-country and abroad (though I must obtain a passport first) and go on a cross-country road trip. Eventually I plan on visiting Colombia and Finland where my mother and father claim descent, respectfully. 2. Finish all the movies on my Watch List (it totals 103) I made this a while ago, not for …

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  8. @ana_leino


    I’ve always loved superheroes.  They had powers, secret identities, and the ability to vanquish foes and save the world.  My sister and I grew up pretending to have powers, playing out silly melodramas in the park across our house (our neighbors loved us).  Unfortunately, I […]

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