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    Weekly Summary 9/10


    Last track of what week it is. This week I have been assigned to create a mini-documentary about a member of my community. The final product should be between 2-3 minutes long.…

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    1980s Radio Commercial


    Directions: ” Create a 30-45 second radio commercial for a product from the 80’s. Add in some background music and/or sound effects to make it sound like a real radio commercial. “

    Behind the Story: This assignment was heavily guided by my girlfriend’s love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. …

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    A Tattoo that represents me


    Directions: ” Create a tattoo that can represent your personality type. Tell us about your tattooo, and what does it means to you. If there is any thing supersticious about your tattoo, share it with us. You can hand design your own unique tattoo on a plane paper, or you …

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    “They have a Cave Troll”


    Directions: ” Take one of your favorite movies or scene from a movie and tell the story using sound effects! There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects! Record your own sounds, use audacity, or use websites that have pre-recorded sounds for you to download to create your audio …

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    Where am I?


    Directions: ” For this assignment create a place by just using sound. For example, make the listener know where they are if outside use birds, cars, etc. You can get sounds from https://freesound.org “

    Behind the Story:

    Can you figure out where I am?

    Narrating the Process: …

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    Guess! That! Object!!!


    Directions – ” Take a close up picture of something as see if people can guess what it is. Try doing the skin or outside of something that would make it hard for someone to guess!

    Behind the Story: Due to this week’s theme I was able to use my …

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    Lady and the Tramp “Reproduction”


    Directions – ” Pose as a part of your favorite movie scene, or just a famous movie scene in general. From the Titanic to Jurassic World, there are plenty of memorable images that would be fun to recreate. The more creative (or ridiculous), the better! Post the original beside your …

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    My Poem Parody

    Invictus Chef of our Curries (Parody) By William Ernest Henley By Morgan Perez Out
    of the night that covers me, Out
    of the cave that covers thee, Black
    as the pit from pole to pole, Dark
    as the pit from wall to wall, I
    thank whatever gods may be I…
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    Tell it / Tweet it

    Lunar Dependence

    The time was almost upon them. They had waited twenty-three hours for this. The moon was almost aligned. Maybe this time they would learn their lesson.
    It had been ten years since the global power outage. Now their only source of power came from a solar plant on …

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    Creating my own character


    Directions: “Create a character covering all aspects of them. Write about a paragraph of backstory, cover their appearance, personality, likes, dislikes, and what their place is in their world. “

    Behind the Story: This character I had been working on prior to the assignment. This assignment helped give me a …

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    Discussing Copyright with changing technology


    Today I was tasked with reading three different articles involved with copyright. Thankfully all of my chosen articles talked about a different aspect of copyright. I read an article that covered Betamax recordings being considered legal, a photographer suing Getty Images, and the consideration of a tweet being copyright protected. …

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    Who am I?


    My name is Morgan Perez. I am currently enrolled in DIGME 256, Digital Literacy. I will be exploring the different ways of telling stories using digital mediums. The theme for this class is the 1980’s. A time I find interesting but never paid much attention to. Here is where I …

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