1. @KaraDS106

    Final Project Write-Up


    WE DID IT! We survived a crazy DS106 crash course! This semester has been absolutely insane for me and this class was nothing like I expected, but I’ve learned a lot! I decided to have a bit of fun with my final project instead of just replicating multiple assignments from …

  2. @KaraDS106

    Who is “Manny?”


    Moms from Grace Preparatory School have been talking about “Manny” for the past week. Who is this “Manny?” The viral video linked below, uploaded by Jennifer Fields to her twitter account (@Jennife87541307), shows a local nanny loading his 5 kids into the car. The local moms have …

  3. @KaraDS106

    Final Project Plan


    I have been struggling to figure out what I will do with my final project. I finally realized that this is because I did not have a solid understanding of my character and where I wanted to go with him; therefore, I decided to sit down and put Manny into …

  4. @KaraDS106

    Remix #2


    For my second remix I went back to an assignment we did in the beginning in the writing assignments: A Snapshot of a Story. When remixed, this was the new assignment:

    I created a new Haiku about how useless & meaningless Haiku’s are and made it way over the …

  5. @KaraDS106

    Remix #1


    I remixed the Logo Switch Up assignment first, since I did this assignment this week. See my remix assignment here:

    I used the link to go see Pollock’s paintings & decided to use this one as a background for my already created logo switch up:

    After using canva to put …

  6. @KaraDS106



    I wrapped up my assignments with the Twittr assignment for 2.5 stars. I tried to think of an unusual mix, and came up with SoundBook. This is a mix of Soundcloud and Facebook. It is essentially soundcloud with more of a social spin. Users can create statuses and upload pictures/videos …

  7. @KaraDS106

    Have a Merry Spooky Valentine’s Day!


    I had way too much fun with this one. I chose the Holiday Mashup assignment for 4.5 stars and LOVED it! Christmas is by far my favorite, followed by Halloween and then Valentine’s Day. I made Christmas the main theme and Halloween & Valentine’s Day smaller. Canva makes everything easier. …

  8. @KaraDS106

    Logo Switch Up Tutorial


    I figured since there was no tutorial here & I just completed this assignment I’d show everyone how I did it. First, I brainstormed ideas. I searched “current ads” and scrolled threw a few. I decided that I’d do spotify and nike since I only use spotify when I’m working …

  9. @KaraDS106

    Logo Switch Up


    My first assignment this week was one of the recommended ones: Logo Switch Up for 2 stars. It was a nice way to ease into this week’s work. I used google to find a spotify ad and a nike ad, and then put them into Canva to overlap them. The …

  10. @KaraDS106

    Weekly Summary 11


    Slowly but surely we’re getting through this semester! One week at a time! I’ve bundled my stars & daily creates into blog posts so I’ll just post them below so that you can see explanations & all that good stuff. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom …

  11. @KaraDS106

    Week 11 Stars


    This week my huge capstone paper was due Thursday so I put all of this off until Friday.. 0/10 do not recommend. I’m exhausted. Anyways, I chose 3 really cool assignments and kind of ran with them! I chose to incorporate my capstone into these stars by creating the Tell

  12. @KaraDS106



    I decided to put all of my stars into one post because they’re all hyperlinked to other videos/uploads! This week was INCREDIBLY hard. I spent about 12 hours on assignments this week and thought about withdrawing about 4 times. It sucked. But I prevailed and am now terrified of the …

  13. @KaraDS106

    Video Essay


    What a hot mess. This took me about 4 hours and it’s terrible. I struggled to download from youtube, then struggled to work iMovie, then struggled to record audio in iMovie and ended up using audacity & importing my audio. WHAT A MESS. I’m still not sure that I even …

  14. @KaraDS106

    Weekly Summary (Week 9)


    This week was a bit overwhelming. There was a lot to do & a lot going on. I started off with my 10 stars worth of work. Guess the Story was recommended, so I did that one first. My story was Rapunzel! I just googled different things that reminded me …

  15. @KaraDS106

    Radio Show!


    This week I worked Monday and Wednesday, so I did not get a chance to listen to the other groups’ radio shows. Since my group’s segment broadcasted on Tuesday that is all that I got to listen to. However, since we all worked separately & then Zae pieced our segment …

  16. @KaraDS106

    Web Storytelling


    While extremely time consuming, my sarcastic (and slightly rude) self loved this assignment. I took my canvas dashboard and changed a ton of stuff. Since you guys can’t see my canvas page without my login (which there’s no way I’m giving a whole class) I took screenshots so you can …

  17. @KaraDS106

    Create Your Own Room


    I LOVED this assignment. It’s been years since I really got into pinterest, but this was so much fun! I’ve always envisioned a huge, open master suite with lots of white and light grey… Light & airy. Tons of windows with natural light & a bay window. I also wanted …

  18. @KaraDS106

    Google Draw Something


    I completed the Google Draw Something assignment & got really frustrated with the computer and television ones… I felt like I did a decent job but it couldn’t guess them! See mine below:

  19. @KaraDS106

    Radio Show: Week 2


    This week we had to complete our radio show segment that we started last week. I started the week by planning what I wanted to do. I brainstormed different examples of “current events” and thought about how I could tie my character into them. I ended up coming up with …

  20. @KaraDS106

    Radio Show Bumper Sticker


    I went pretty basic with this promo. I wanted something that looked classic & timeless, so I went with basic word art. I’m sure someone else in my group will be better with design, but here is my attempt!! I changed the color, outline, and added shadows to give it …

  21. @KaraDS106

    Radio Show Check-In


    Week 1!! Thank God Zae pulled me into his group because I didn’t check social media all weekend (sometimes you just need to disconnect, you know?) and I came back to three emails telling me to get in a group. Yikes!! Anyways, we’ve came up with some cool ideas and …

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