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    Attention beautiful people!!


    Welcome to my website. I will be posting assignments for my English class called Writing about Medicine, as well as my own personal blog posts and photography. You can find the different pages that correspond with these different postings to the right. My primary reason for creating this website was …

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    Final Project Summary


    My Final Project is completely finished and can be seen here below:

    Joe’s Final Mission

    The Final Project was my favorite project. Yes, I spent the most time on this project compared to anything I’ve ever done before in this class, but I’m proud of it and I think the …

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    Joe’s Final Mission


    It’s a bright Thursday morning, but Joe is filled with darkness. He sits at the dinner table and drinks his coffee, staring into the empty seat across from him. Today marks nine whole months since Maria was kidnapped by the Russians. He is depressed and cannot stand it anymore.

    He …

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    Weekly Summary #13


    This week I started my final project. My project right now is going to be using web to write, visual for photoshopped images of scenes, and audio or video for more specific things. I haven’t worked on the audio or video portions yet, so I have to decide which will …

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    Weekly Summary #12


    This week was actually such a cool week and I really enjoyed it.

    First, I made tutorial for a past assignment I did. I chose this because I think it is a really important skill needed to survive this course. So I chose one on photoshop that included my character …

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    Scary Texts


    Joe finally got in contact with Maria…. but she couldn’t give out any information… is she really scared? is this really her texting? is she in on this mission?….. these texts are hard to decipher huh….

    I did the last 5 star assignment based off the texts of Joe to …

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    The Eye Exchange


    For my second remix of the week, I decided to do another visual assignment. This assignment was to photoshop a circular object on the eye. I took a picture of my own eye, saved a penny from Google, used my Photoshop Mix app from Adobe to add the penny on …

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    Posion Pioneers


    I really love visual assignments so I wanted to stick with them for my remixes this week. I chose an easy assignment to photoshop food into a computer pioneers hand. i chose Tim Bernes-Lee Image for this, but i’m acting as if it’s my secret agent. When I remixed this, …

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    A Man on A Mission – Dragon Style


    My first 5 star assignment of the week was to use an animoji and lip sync to a song. I chose A Man on A Mission from Lazy Town because i’m acting as Joe Moore, my secret agent. I sang his theme song for when he’s getting ready and about …

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    It’s A Cat’s World


    For this daily create I got to pick out a cute little image of a cat and put nice wording on it. I found something really similar to this on the internet, but I changed the font just a tad. I used my PicStitch app to put the text on. …

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    Contrasting Worlds


    This Daily Create was eyeopening. Everyone is always so busy worrying about their lives, that they don’t stop to be grateful for what they have. For this DC I decided to do a contrasting worlds based on houses. I saved pictures of a beat up, poor house and a fancy …

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    A New Mission


    Looking through the options, I think a cool mashup between my idea and Jasmine’s could be making posters for missing people (in my case Joe’s wife), and making a video including images of the posters and adding in to a movie of our agent’s going on a mission. I think …

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    Tutorial for Photoshop


    Hey y’all. I chose to do this tutorial because going through this class, you really need to know how to photoshop. You can download apps on your laptop, but I think it’s way easier to work with your hands and do it on your phone. So. For this assignment, I …

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    Weekly Summary #11


    This week was a fun week. First, I created 2 5 star assignments.

    My first assignment was the best assignment I’ve ever completed. I felt I did it really well and it came together perfectly. It did take some time though, but it was well worth it. See below for …

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    Needs More Love


    The last Daily Create I did for the week was to find an assignment that has very low numbers on it and do it! I did a Visual Assignment worth one star where you take a picture of closed blinds and add something to it to make it cool. I …

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    Minnie Mouse Comes to Play


    For my last 5 star assignment for the week, I decided to make Minnie Mouse come to life and “grow”. I haven’t drawn her in a long time. I used to be really into cartooning and I don’t have the time to anymore so my skills have decreased like crazy. …

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    Hitman: The Secret Agent


    MY FAVORITE ASSIGNMENT I’VE DONE YET! Since I suck at video editing or at least thought I did, I am actually really proud of this trailer I made. This assignment was 5 stars and I took movie clips from Hitman: The Secret Agent (2017) from YouTube. I cut so many …

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    Random Photo Caption


    My first Daily Create for the week was to caption a random photo I find. I was listening to Eye Of The Tiger at this time so of course that was my first thought. I found a beautiful image of a Tiger on Google that had piercing eyes, posted it …

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    Super Size Me


    My second Daily create for the week was to describe three things that had size defining words in them. I actually had to look these up because it wasn’t coming to me easy from the top of my head. I found on Google two new things that I didn’t know …

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    New Mission


    After doing a lot of different types of storytelling, I think we should all make a scene by video of a mission our characters go on, or make audio of our characters engaging with their enemies, or make posters and use photoshop to show how a mission played out. Some …

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    Weekly Summary #10


    This week was a crazy week and I just got to my DS106 stuff.. but don’t worry I’ve been thinking of ideas to make these assignments go smoothly over the course of the week. First, I did a video essay after I read and watched ALOT about how to analyze …

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    Eery beginning of a film…


    For my last assignment I decided to do a 2 star beginning movie scene that has no sound and add sound to it. I took the beginning of what looks like a horror movie and added Eery music to it using my InShot app. I could trim and splice the …

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    Russia Montage


    For my second assignment of the week for 4 stars I made a video montage of Russia. I did this in the perspective of my character because he wants to travel to Russia to get the Russians and defeat them to get back his wife. I found a bunch of …

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    Animals Dancing


    My first assignment of the week was 4 stars! I picked a bunch of clips of animals dancing and put them in my In Shot App on my phone, trimmed, spliced, and added background music! I thought the Mexican music fit well because of the tempo so I just went …

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    Kingsman Movie Analysis


    This assignment – my video essay – was the most frantic assignment I did this week. I had so much to say and I felt like I couldn’t stop the film because other people I had watched didn’t so I just tried to explain things as they went. However, I …

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    Character Interview


    My interview was so fun. I thought this assignment was going to be super hard and I have been dreading doing it, but it was super fun and easy. I used Video Splicer on my phone and added the youtube file, spliced it, added in my own responses and trimmed …

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    National Tolkien Reading Day


    To be honest, I’ve never read any of his books so I had to look up quotes and I found one in particular I really like. I liked this one because it basically explains that there’s a world out there and if you go and explore you will find something …

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    Underwater Sporting Event


    For my first Daily Create I decided to use the example of underwater golf. I came up with this idea because my siblings and I actually tried it. It’s very hard, but for this assignment I decided to make it a little more goofy and add in the use of …

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    Weekly Summary #9


    This week was a super crazy week for me, but I made it my duty to listen to the DS106 Radio each night to catch everyones shows. First of all, I loved them all. And making one was even better than listening to it. I’m so glad I got the …

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    Joe Sells His Time Machine


    So, Joe was thinking to himself… Do I really need this machine? All I keep doing is going back in time and reliving days I don’t want to anymore. I can’t even get Maria back by using this and it’s actual a waste of the present time…. SOOOOO Joe put …

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