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    Final Summary


    This week has been great! The final project was a lot of work, but it was so much fun to make. My final project was composed of five different parts/chapters. The first and last chapters were entirely writing. The second chapter had a phone conversation. The third and fourth chapters …

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    The Hard Truth

    The squirrel led Sammy into an interrogation room and sat down at the table.

    “Why are you doing this?” Sammy asked him. The other squirrel smiled at Sammy from across the table.

    “Do you actually know what happened after you caught me in the peanut butter trap? You were recruited …

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    The Search for Answers

    After a long search through Google. . .

    Sammy finally found something useful related to the Directorate: a propaganda poster promoting squirrels to join the Directorate and stop secret agents. This could explain why agents have been disappearing. How can I stop them?

    Propaganda Poster

    Sammy knew what to do. …

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    A New Identity

    With some careful research, Sammy put together a new identity. . .

    There were so many different options for the agent to choose when trying to find an occupation for his new secret identity. He read about other agents being photographers, billionaires, police officers, forensic scientists, nuclear physicists, lawyers, etc. …

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    Mystery Caller

    Just as Sammy was about to start doing research to find a new cover story, his phone started to ring.

    He had caller ID on his work phone, so he could see that it was a blocked caller. Sammy was wary about answering the phone, but he decided that he …

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    Skippy’s Final Mission (Week Thirteen Summary)


    For the final project, I decided to put Agent Sammy A. Squirrel to work. He is after the Directorate, and the Directorate is after him, also. I will tell the story of how Sammy faces off with the mysterious Directorate. The story will be across many different media platforms.

    I …

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    Mission: Directorate

    What is happening at the Super Secret Squirrel Agency? Sammy A. Squirrel is on the case. . .

    Agent Sammy A. Squirrel was strolling through the Super Secret Squirrel Agency drinking coffee and eating a peanut butter cookie. He still could not believe that he was a special agent. Even …

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    Week Twelve Summary


    This week has been fun. I think my favorite part of this week was getting comments from Talky Tina. It honestly freaked me out a little bit at first, but I loved her feedback. Sorry for using the MEAN WORD, Talky Tina! I did not know you found it offensive.…

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    Talky Tina Transformer’s Sidekick


    I completed the Talky Tina Assignment this week, but I also decided to remix it. The remix was as follows:

    Add a sidekick. Any media medium. Introduce what you think the main figures sidekick should be into the work.

    Remix Mashup

    So, I added a sidekick for the Talky Tina …

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    Final Mission Remix


    For our final mission, we need to figure out who exposed some of the agents’ secret identities. You will need to create wanted posters to find this villain and bring them to justice. Just in case, everyone will need to create a new cover story for their agents. You can …

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    How to . . . Actor Mashup!


    The assignment, Actor Development, is really fun to do. It took a lot more work than I expected. If you don’t know where to begin on this assignment, look no further! This tutorial will give you tips and instructions on how to do this Mashup Assignment.

    The instructions for …

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    Talky Tina Transformer


    Take Tina’s head and place it on another person or animal or fictional character or something. The original idea was to swap a babies head (now I ain’t saying Tina is a baby) and a dolls head. So like you could find an image of a baby and a doll …

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    The Many Faces of Johnny Depp


    Create a 2-3 mins clip on an actors dvelopment chose your favrioute scenes from these films from there early film credits to now and show there development mash them up and then give a brief description on why you chose the actor and how they have developed as an actor.…

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    Week Eleven Summary


    I finished earlier this week! It only took most of the semester for me to finish everything before Friday evening. I enjoyed making videos again this week. I can’t wait to see the videos people made in groups!

    I did not make a video with my other classmates, so I …

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    Coming Soon to Theaters


    Create a movie trailer based on your character and your class theme. For mine it was spy themed. So, I made mine about a cover for my character. I used iMovie to make mine and it was super fun and simple. Post it to YouTube then blog about! Be creative …

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    Create a compilation of the most important scenes or events from a movie. Essentially, combine the major plot points into a short video.

    Assignment Bank- Video Assignments

    At first, I thought this assignment was going to be easy. I did not realize how hard it would be to spoil a …

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    Final Mission


    We have been through a lot in the past ten weeks. Some of us may have unfortunately blown our covers at one point or another. With a villain getting smarter and more dangerous each week, we need to protect our identities to prevent ourselves and our loved ones from getting …

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    The Life of Thor


    Make a collage of something growing up, or growing bigger. Now this takes some time-you must have some video footage of the object, person, pet, etc. growing older. It can be a stop motion of a plant, or if you have puppy pictures and now a full sized dog, put …

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    Week Ten Summary


    I was both excited and nervous about this week being video. I love to edit videos, but I am not very good at recording myself. I was worried that it would take multiple tries to make some of the videos, but in the end, everything turned out fine, as always.…

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    Interview with a Spy


    This week, we had to answer questions in an interview. The answers I provided go with my character Sammy A. Squirrel, however, he is not pictured in the video.

    The interview questions were interesting, but they were actually not too difficult to answer. I answered seven questions, and the answers …

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    Bourne for this Video Essay


    When I first started this assignment, I had no idea what scene to use. All I knew is that I wanted to use a scene from The Bourne Supremacy. This movie is my favorite Bourne movie and one of my favorite spy movies. I have professed my love for the …

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    One Big Nightmare


    Create a supercut montage of overused dialogue, themes, motifs, filmmaking techniques, etc. for a particular character, tv show, film, and/or public figure. A supercut is a “fast-paced montage of short video clips that obsessively isolates a single element from its source, usually a word, phrase, or cliche from film and …

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    Week Nine Summary


    This was a great week! I loved hearing everyone’s radio shows on ds106 radio. There were a lot of things for this week, so let’s dive right in!

    First off, while we are on the topic of radio shows, I reflected on one of the radio shows I heard. I …

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    Reworking the Alphabet


    Create a story that uses words that begin with the letters of the alphabet consecutively. For example, A big cat dug eight… But you have to go all the way to the letter Z. Try to make as much sense as possible. Or if you really can’t, then go crazy. …

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    Guess what Folktale!


    Use at least five GIFs to tell a myth, folklore, or legend. Add a few hints about what story you are depicting to help people guess. Be creative with the GIFs you find and try to find a lesser-known story to tell. It can also make fun of the story. …

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