1. @KendallResnick

    And Just Like That, It’s Over


    I still can’t believe that this was the final week of DS106! I have to say that I am relieved. This class has been a lot of work! However, I am glad that I decided to take it. I have gained so many valuable skills that I will continue to …

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    Mission: Complete


    Mission: Recruit and train new DS106 students

    Assigned to: Secret Agent Mia Holmes

    Status: Complete

    This is Mia Holmes, reporting on my previously assigned mission to recruit and train new DS106 students. This mission has been long and hard, but I have successfully managed to capture the essence of DS106 …

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    Mia’s DS106 Thoughts


    Hey everyone! Mia Holmes here. Way back in the day, before I was a secret agent, I was a student. As a student, I took a class called Digital Storytelling, or DS106. This class taught me many valuable lessons that improved my digital skills.

    When I first joined the class, …

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    Progress Report – Week 13


    This week, I continued to plan out my final project and began preparing to work with the various kinds of media that I will need. For the project, I will be using my character, Mia, who has recently been given the mission of recruiting and training new ds106 students.

    I …

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    Week 12 is Done… the End is Near!


    I can’t believe we’re getting ready to start our final project and come to the end of DS106! I didn’t realize until today that this was our last week of normal assignments for this class. This week was an interesting one… I wasn’t exactly sure what mashups and remixes would …

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    Mission Remix


    Last week, I wrote a post with some ideas for our final mission. I am still planning on sticking with my ideas, but I have a few new plans. Instead of recruiting and training new DS106 agents, I think my final mission should be recruiting and training new DS106 students. …

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    Say What??! (but more pink)


    For my second remix assignment, I decided to remix an assignment that I have actually done twice before! I first did the “Who Said What” assignment in February, but reworked the assignment for this post in March. The original assignment was to “Find a picture of any secret …

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    Bourne Impossible


    As mentioned in a previous post, Mia loves watching all kinds of movies. However, secret agent movies are her favorite! She likes watching both the Mission Impossible and Bourne movies. Not because they are true to life, but because they differ so much from what her life as a secret …

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    How To: Movie Mashup


    This is a tutorial for how to do the “Movie Mashup” assignment. The assignment instructs you to “Take a movie that you really like.  Now think of a movie that has been compared to it, and make a new movie poster that incorporates the two!” I will go …

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    Be Inspired


    For my first remix assignment, I chose “Pick A Bad Photo, Apply A Vintage Effect And Write Something In Helvetica” as the original post. I then remixed it with “Where’s Waldo? It.” The original assignment was to “Pick A Bad Photo, Apply A Vintage Effect And Write Something In …

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    Ketchup and Strawberries


    There is nothing that Mia likes to eat more than cereal. She believes that cereal is the best breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or dessert that there is. She also puts ketchup on everything (but not cereal). She has always thought that it’s interesting how similar the Kellogg’s and Heinz logos …

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    E.T., Don’t Forget the Umbrella!


    Mia enjoys a wide variety of different movies. She’s just as happy to watch a thriller as a rom-com (although she has a soft spot for spy movies!) If she had to choose her five favorite movies, “Mary Poppins” and “E.T.” would both be on the list. This is interesting, …

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    Mission 11: Complete


    This week was a second week of video, and I’m glad that we had two. My video skills definitely improved as I moved forward, and I had fun creating the content that I did this week. This has been a great way of combining design, audio, and video, and using …

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    Mission: Recruit and Train New DS106 Agents


    We’ve completed so many missions throughout the semester that it’s surprising how long it took me to come up with a new idea! After thinking it over for awhile, I ended up with some plans that I am actually really excited about. Hopefully I will be able to complete them!…

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    Secret Signing


    The “Signing Words” assignment required that you “take a video of yourself or someone else and finger spell a word or a phrase in Sign Language alphabet and let others guess what you have spelled.”

    I used to know quite a bit of sign language, but I realized …

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    So Long Week 10


    This week was a culmination of many of the things we have been learning in DS106 this semester, from sound to design. The assignments were video based, and we spent time looking at cinematic camera work and the ways that films are made. After reading/watching various articles and videos, I …

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    Best of UMW


    For my final assignment this week, I created my own assignment! This is the first time I have done this. It was super easy to do and fun! I hope that other people will use and enjoy the assignment that I created.

    The assignment, which I titled “Favorite Moments in

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    30 Minutes of Book Repair in 90 Seconds


    The instructions for the “Speed Up Your Work Day” assignment were to “Take video of yourself doing what you typically do on an average work day, and then speed it up! Start with at least 30 minutes of footage at a minimum, so as to get a good amount of …

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    Summary… Week 5


    I read in some of my fellow classmates’ posts that this week seemed easier to them, but it was a challenging one for me! This is mostly because I had crazy weeks in a lot of my other classes, but I still thought that some that the assignments this week …

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    Say What??! 2.0


    For my rework assignment, I decided to go back to my “Say What??!” post and improve it. When I did this assignment, I wasn’t very happy with the way it turned out. I think that the text looks pretty clunky and low quality in the original assignment. I used the …

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    Finally… The Radio Shows!


    I was excited for this week, since we had just finished all of our radio shows! I was looking forward to listening to everyone else’s show and hearing all the ideas and work that had been put into the project. Unfortunately, I was only able to tune in on Tuesday …

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