1. @biggs_hank

    Week Fourteen Summary: DS106 Final Project


    Secret Agents Save the World

    For my final project i decided to use design, visual and video for my three different types of media. For the design portion i created a poster that would be posted everywhere; newspapers, websites, tv, etc. trying to draw attention to all secret agents to …

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    Week Thirteen Summary


    Final Project Progress Report

    For my final project I decided to choose the topic of saving the world from destruction. I find this topic to be one that allows me to expand on it and use my imagination to create a story with a twist and crazy ending. The three …

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    Week Twelve Summary


    This week we worked with mashups, and I found it to be fun. This weeks assignments included two daily creates which are always simple, 10 stars of mashup assignments, and 2 remixes. I didn’t stay on top of all of the assignments this week, so I’m lacking the remix assignments. …

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    Emoji Mashup (4 stars)


    For this assignment we were supposed to find a picture that matches an emoji. I used the angry face emoji and I went looking through my pictures and found one of me during a baseball game that looks sort of similar. This assignment was also another fun one to do …

  5. @biggs_hank

    Where’s Leo? (5 Stars)


    For this assignment it said to tell a story through text. So I decided to tell a story about Leo, which everyone should know who he is by now with the amount of times I’ve used him as an assignment. This assignment was fun to do, because you got to …

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    Week Eleven Summary


    This week we didn’t have too much to do, therefore it wasn’t a hassle. What I really enjoyed about this week were the video assignment banks. These assignments really showed me how much I really know about creating/editing videos. I really enjoyed putting the videos together. Being able to edit …

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    DS106 Saves the World


    For this week we needed to come up with an idea for a mission. I had a lot of things going through my head about what kind of mission it could be. What I ended up deciding was a mission where some supreme leader has the ability to send nukes …

  8. @biggs_hank

    The Life of Leo (5 stars)


    For this assignment it said to create a collage video of an animal or anything that can be shown as growing up. I decided to make a collage of my kitten, Leo. He’s such an adorable kitten and to look back at picture of when he was so so little …

  9. @biggs_hank

    A Video in the Life of Me (3 stars)


    For this assignment I decided to do something a little different that one of the assignments that I found in the word bank. The original assignment said to make a video with pictures from your best moments in college. What I decided to do was make a video of some …

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    Week Ten Summary


    This week I had a lot of work to get done with all of my classes and baseball throughout the week, because of this I had a terrible week. I was so focused on meeting deadlines for projects in other classes that I didn’t manage my time well to get …

  11. @biggs_hank

    My Room for the Weekend


    Your Room (1 star)

    For this assignment it was simple. All I had to do was take a boomerang of my room. Since I am away on a baseball trip right now I decided to take a boomerang of my hotel room, as it is my room for the weekend. …

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    Week Nine Summary


    This week we had to listen in on the radio shows that were created by our fellow classmates and write up an analysis of one of the shows. We also had to do web assignments from the Assignment Bank, 3 daily creates, recreate a webpage to make it related to …

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    Haunting of ds106


    Ghosts From ds106 Past (3 stars)

    For this assignment we were told to go back on any of the social media websites and search #ds106 and recreate a post from the past. I decided to go on instagram and search back on past ds106 assignments. I found an assignment of …

  14. @biggs_hank

    Marksman Special Edition Barrett .50 Cal


    For this assignment we were told to go on a website and recreate a page to make it something about our secret agent character. The website I chose to use was eBay. I was thinking about using amazon but with what I wanted to do it didn’t really work. So …

  15. @biggs_hank

    Radio Show Analysis


    The radio show that I decided to analyze was “Spies: Reality or Fiction?” While listening to the show it sounded like a radio show, but you could tell that the recordings were separate and not together. The transition music was key to make the flow of the show work and …

  16. @biggs_hank

    New and Improved Farm House Noises


    This week we were told to go back and find a 3, 4, or 5 star assignment and revise it and make it better. I decided to use my previous assignment, Farm House Noises. When I first created this assignment a few weeks back I just added each sound together …

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    Week Eight Summary


    This week we basically just had to finish our radio show projects, with two daily creates throughout the week. The radio show project was a fun experience. I’m not very good with audio stuff but with this project I learned a lot more about how everything works and how to …

  18. @biggs_hank

    Radio Show Progress Week 2


    This week we wrote up our skits for how we were going to have our radio show play out. The next step was to record it using audacity and then add in sound effects where necessary. It was a fun experience being able to create something that is our own …

  19. @biggs_hank

    Week Seven Summary


    This week was the week we picked our groups for the radio show project. During this week we were to figure out what the name of our radio show was going to be and what what the radio show was going to be about. We decided to create a spy …

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