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    the final project.


    After numerous technical errors I finally was able to render this videos and get it out. I’ve always wondered what influence the 80’s held in today’s world. Then after I had that thought I never had it again because the 80’s hold no significance over anything in my life. This …

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    Final project sneak peak!


    Something that’s peaked my interest for a while is how the cycle of music affected the American landscape. I don’t think there is a better time to catalog those changes than the 80’s. The beginning of the decade saw disco fade out of existence, and genres like new wave or …

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    Mega doom


    This mashup I merged the first Doom game and Mega Man into one cover. These are two games that were before my time and probably past my time since i’m not compelled to go back and play them. There are newer versions of these games formatted to today’s algorithm for …

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    10 second mashup


    This is my 10 second mashup of some songs that made the 80’s, and a certain song that is arguably one of the greatest songs ever created! Tell me which one you think it is in the comments, and which one from this selection is your fav.…

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    You make me feel like ice


    This mashup is all about taking music and merging it with another song plus the video. Today I was talking with my friend about how Vanilla Ice decided to do a tv show about being Amish and it somehow lasted for a season and a half. Thankfully ice ice baby, …

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    How to put yourself anywhere in the world


    Photoshop might be one of the best requirements for this course because it allows the user to actually create something ridiculous or funny that didn’t exist before your brain thought of it. Those imaginative events likely would never happen in real life, but with Photoshop you can breathe life to …

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    Weekly Summary 11/8/19


    Getting to know Lando Calrissian http://michaeldgst.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=279&action=edit

    Hellraiser/Little Mermaid http://michaeldgst.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=281&action=edit

    Evolution of MTV http://michaeldgst.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=284&action=edit

    Project ideas 2 http://michaeldgst.com/uncategorized/project-ideas-week-11/

    Daily create’s 2854, 2856, 2857 http://michaeldgst.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=55&action=edit

    This week I had a blast creating some of these video projects. The Little Mermaid Hellrasier collaboration might be one of my favorite pieces of media I’ve …

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    Project ideas week 11


    I might switch around what I previously said and create a project that uses music and the moments that immortalized it. I think there are songs that created a culture of the time and if I could spend some time finding evidence of what influenced a certain time period in …

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    Evolution of MTV


    MTV was a groundbreaking change in the consumption of music. The switch from radio to television was a huge leap for music in general giving meaning to the song “Video killed the radio star” by the Buggles. The first broadcast was on August 1, 1981 and from there they never …

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    Hellraiser under tha seaaaaaa


    This is one of my favorite assignments, for this you had to mashup two different movie trailers. I figured I would take some gruesome movie and pair it with childrens movie audio or vice versa. Eventually I settled on Hellraiser and The Little Mermaid.

    I kept cutting clips …

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    Steven Tyler gets booed of the stage


    Music videos, movie scenes, or anything that needs an audio supplement is hilarious without it. This assignment tasks you with taking the music out of the music video. Of course there shouldn’t just be an empty audio file so I just threw in a bunch of free random sounds (excluding …

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    E.T. the Exterminator Terrestrial


    This assignment requires you to make a spy movie trailer, and I decided to make E.T. the main character. When I first started editing the E.T. clips I was trying to set up the family as murders and ET as the spy. Once I started piecing everything together I noticed …

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    Old man take a look at my life.


    In the small town of Buxton Mr. Roberts sat out on his porch staring out into the sound thinking about the lives that passed him by. At the ripe age of 109 Gregor Roberts still makes the trip out every morning to catch for himself. For 68 years Roberts worked …

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    Mr. Mercury


    I reworked this assignment to actually be a 3d anaglyth rather than a sort of red/cyan tone. I also added a few other generations of posters just messing around with what I could do and I accidentally created what looks like a skull in the place of Freddie Mercury’s head. …

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    Project ideas


    There are numerous ways to convey a story to someone, but a few create more meaning for me.

    Music for me is a constructive way in telling a story. The majority of lyrical music produced through history has an ulterior meaning to the artist whether it’s clear in the song …

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    Fumigator to mass murderer


    This assignment is a rework of a previous post that tasked you to take a picture of something that doesn’t seem right. The catch was it had so be blurry or unrecognizable that it could be anywhere between the paranormal and completely normal.

    This is the original picture from the …

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    Radio show!


    This week we finally comprised all of our work together to finish the radio show. Because of the run time every show is allowed I didn’t really have as much to say compared to if I wrote an essay on it. Of course I preferred to talk instead of write, …

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    My Progress


    This week I haven’t really got the ball rolling on how I am going to approach the analysis of my show. I think more deliberation with our group would be useful. I think meeting up might be out of the question because two of the members of our group are …

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    Radio show promo


    Here is the poster I made for the radio show. I tried to find the Miami Vice font for this but I couldn’t find it. I think I might change it up completely because this poster isn’t really specific enough. I should probably include a more dynamic image instead of …

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    Beats outta nothing


    This assignment I had to go around my house and see if I could make a beat with some random object. After slamming different objects against my table I finally found this box of beads that made a weird sound when I cupped it. Honestly at this point I was …

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    Design thoughts


    Design in my eyes is something overlooked by those who don’t need to worry about it. Our everyday life is usually influenced by design in some way, likewise design is what defines every era of human history. Graphic design even more specifically dictates our lives because most graphic design projects …

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    This assignment is based on creating a vintage design to a prominent place in your hometown. This picture isn’t from my hometown, but I did spend a few months in this area and I would really like to go back some day. The picture is gazing onto a tall rock …

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    Destination post card


    This assignment I had to create a destination post card for a location that had some significance in the 80’s. The example from the assignment page was a post card from Beirut, Lebanon which got me thinking about the countless armed entanglements the United States wound up in. The Lebanese …

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