1. @maymaygodek

    Final Project Switchup


    So originally my plan was to provide my family with a documentative video about my great-grandfather however, to use WW2 clips you must pay an absurd amount of money to have the rights so instead I decided to make a video for all of my friends showcasing the funniest moments …

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    Final Project Outline/Progress


    For my final project, I will be doing a documentary about my great-grandfather. My great-grandfather was a World War 2 hero. I do not want to go into detail in the post about him however since my project will do the explaining when I upload but I will provide a …

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    My work has paid off…/Weekly Summary


    To begin I would like to say how much I appreciate the process of video editing after spending so much time on this little montage. I enjoyed making this thoroughly and I got to explore a lot of old memories through editing hours upon hours of footage into 20 or …

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    Weekly Summary


    In this week of ds106, I have found it to be the most challenging so far. Like I thought sound engineering was hard enough but video editing?? Now that is a challenge in itself but it was nevertheless an enjoyable experience. There are not many classes where I walk away …

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    Time Laspin’


    I recently visited Dallas Ft. Worth where several of my family members live. We ended up taking a trip to the city of Dallas and my uncle is in love with art. There just so happens to be a Vincent Van Gogh video exhibit in Dallas located just a couple …

  6. @maymaygodek

    A Toast to My Dear Friend


    This video was shot in 60 frames from my phone and I made my toast out to Mr. Danny Devito. Honestly, I picked Mr. Devito due to the fact that he is in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia which is one of my favorite shows of all time. Also I …

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    Capitalizing on Others’ Ideas!


    I loved Pablo’s idea of combining animation and music into one piece of multimedia! To further build on such an idea I would like to make some sort of soundtrack to this as I have some audio editing software that would be great to make some basic beats on throw …

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    The Life of Pi


    As far as the process goes I forunately have access to Adobe Premiere Pro. I took the audio from audacity and edited it with some normalizing and leveling to keep the sound decent although I do not have a great microphone. From there I imported the file to the timeline, …

  9. @maymaygodek

    Looking Ahead to Final Project


    A story I would like to share with the world is about my great grandfather who was a WW2 hero. His name was Thomas Dry Howie and he was a battlion commander for the 29th infantry division. His efforts were key in establishing a foothold in France after securing the …

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    Week #8 Radio Show Summary


    In week 8 of ds106, my fellow group members and I have completed our radio show. I enjoyed the process very much because we all got to sort of mesh our ideas together and collectively create something that is beautiful in my opinion. We did a spooky themed radio show …

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    Weekly Summary #6


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    This week was an interesting week in the world …

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    How about them apples?


    Not only is this my favorite movie of all time but I just think this scene is way too funny. Also, I just took this picture off of the internet then proceeded to open up paint.net and add text to insert the movie quote. Pretty simple.…

  13. @maymaygodek

    My Childhood.


    I feel as though Minecraft really shaped everyone’s childhood creativity as you can literally make anything on that game! But for this ds106 design assignment, I just hopped on Minecraft on my Xbox and went into creative mode, and proceeded to grab my favorite kind of material which is birchwood. …

  14. @maymaygodek

    License to Drive


    I chose not to add a state because I feel like that ruins the potential look of a license plate. Anyways my process here was begun with looking up a license plate designer then I basically took several shapes to create this pattern and then added the ds106 as the …

  15. @maymaygodek

    Aye! Why he on Vogue?


    If you have Snapchat you basically turn into a photo editing genius automatically as the app has access to thousands of filters, you can make stickers out of images you cut from a picture you have just taken, and the app allows you to text your friends. Anyways, basically I …

  16. @maymaygodek

    Design Thoughts


    In a way, it is fascinating to me the way the world of graphic design functions. I figured most of the time companies of graphic design have a team of individuals who look to the market to make the most money. However, when looking at the way Chip Kidd takes …

  17. @maymaygodek

    The Sounds of Horror


    For this radio show idea, I thought it would be cool to sit down with the group and create a potential horror story narrative. I feel as though we could record about a ten-minute story then for the next 10 to 20 minutes we just discuss the process in which …

  18. @maymaygodek

    The Importance of Sound.


    First of all, I must say that was amazing to listen to. I had no idea that audio stories even existed like this unless they were true crime-related. Moon Graffiti was a perfect example of how blending sounds in a specific order along with a form of communication and narrative …

  19. @maymaygodek

    Apollo 13


    Here you can see me at the famous Apollo 13 launch which did not work out in about five days’ time yet all of the astronauts did survive. I used paint.net to cut myself in there then threw some noise edits on it to match the picture age then made …

  20. @maymaygodek

    The King Himself


    For the Favorite Musician GIF assignment, I decided to make a GIF of Kendrick Lamar. He is my all-time favorite rapper, I have been listening to him since I was about 12. Again this GIF was pretty easy to make with the giphy.com website however, I did struggle to find …

  21. @maymaygodek

    Photograph Analysis


    Whilst taking into account the several aspects of photography mentioned in, “Telling Stories in Photos” I looked through my phone camera roll to see what I have for comparison to these aspects. In the first photograph, I actually used quite a bit of photo editing with the app VSCO where …

  22. @maymaygodek

    An A1 Photographer


    My photography experience has not been alive for that long. Only about three years ago is when I started to really enjoy taking pictures of things. I usually go on to take pictures that bring me some sort of nostalgia. That nostalgia may be linked to memory with my friends …

  23. @maymaygodek

    Weekly Summary #3


    I really did enjoy this week of digital creation. I got to do one of my favorite things in the world which are to write! This week I created several pieces of short “literature” or “digital creation” and shared them with the class and have had some positive feedback. This …

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