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    Revisit Work 2: Tattoos That Describe You


    I am definitely a big tattoo fan and I have multiple ideas for tattoos that I’m going to get so I decided to remake this assignment using another tattoo idea and try to find a way to get different designs other than using instagram filters. This time my focus tattoo …

  2. @jwcpsc

    Revisit Work 1: Contradiction Creation


    I redid this assignment because the motto of my life is still “I Hate People” but I recreated the picture using a background of a sunset that I took some years ago, back in 2916 to be exact, when I was in the car driving around with my mom. It’s …

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    Radio Shows Broadcasting


    It was really interesting listening to the radio shows being broadcasted because I got to see how everyone else conducted their shows and I compared that to how we did ours. I thought it was interesting how some groups did their show over zoom because I thought that would be …

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    Daily Creates Week Nine


    For my daily creates this week I decided to connect them to tell about my morning routine. So after I wake up (and lie in my bed for another half hour contemplating life), I like to stare at the flowers I have in my room and ask them if it’s …

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    Weekly Summary: Week Seven


    This week was definitely a challenge because it was right after a break and then we had to get back into school work. It was also tough trying to find time to get together and find free time in everyone’s schedule to record the audio so we decided to do …

  6. @jwcpsc

    Completed Radio Show


    I think the radio show came out nicely. I love the way that Elizabeth edited all the parts together, it makes it seem like we were actually sitting down together to make the recording even though we weren’t. I think all the points flow together nicely there’s no topic jumping …

  7. @jwcpsc

    Radio Show Progress


    We saw the feedback gives to us on the first radio show progress post and we decided to create and intro as well to help start our show and introduce our topic. Getting everyone together to record the show at one time was going to be difficult so we decided …

  8. @jwcpsc

    Daily Create 10/15


    This was the most random post I’ve done so far but this was also a google search which surprisingly was hard to find a good picture relating to the topic. You’d think with the amount of people in the world there’d be more weird rooster pictures but nope.

    Bon soir. …

  9. @jwcpsc

    Weekly Summary: Week Seven


    Oh my god. This was definitely a difficult week in terms of assignments and I honestly didn’t think it would be. I was definitely unprepared for how long it would take to complete some of the assignments and I suffered for it. The transition I made is a perfect example, …

  10. @jwcpsc

    Audio Assignment: Make Your Own Radio Commercial


    I kind of remixed this assignment into fitting to our radio show assignment. Instead of advertising a product I wanted to create a radio commercial that related to the theme of our radio show. I decided to create a commercial that had a person stepping away from their phone and …

  11. @jwcpsc

    Radio Show Progress


    My group seemed to be quick to get our topic and parts settled out and even with completing our parts. We decided to do our radio assignment on the negative effects of social media. Everyone basically claimed a part of the process that they wanted to do and after completing …

  12. @jwcpsc

    Audio Assignments: Sound Effects Story/ Transition


    I decided to remake my sound effects story assignment but fit it for our radio show. This time I tried to portray how people basically live their life on social media to the point where it’s overwhelming. I used several notification sounds and speed them up to show how some …

  13. @jwcpsc

    Audio Assignment: Create A Place


    This assignment doesn’t have anything to do with our radio show but I still wanted to do it because it looked fun. I tried to create New York City as that’s my favorite place I’ve been too so far. I used the sounds of cars driving, people honking (of course), …

  14. @jwcpsc

    Daily Create 10/4


    I just went super simple on this post and took a picture of some of the words I have on my wall in my bedroom. I’m extremely tired so I didn’t have the energy to be super creative right now. Sorry.

    The literal words on the wall in my bedroom. …

  15. @jwcpsc

    Weekly Summary: Week Six


    This week was definitely eye opening in terms of being aware of how much thought goes into the process of designs. Everything plays off each other in terms of color, spacing, typography, and symmetry and that’s all thought of in relation to the message as well. Looking at different things …

  16. @jwcpsc

    Brian Pickings Read and Reflect


    Reading this article makes me realize how much thought goes into each design, of course there are obvious aspects to the design like bright colors are meant to draw your eye to the colors but I didn’t realize that minimalism was essentially supposed to do the same thing. Everything has …

  17. @jwcpsc



    This is a picture I took after I got off of work of a stand in the middle of the mall. I think it’s a great example of dominance at the picture covers most of the black background and the image is angled giving it the perspective of looking into …

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    Design Assignment: Favorite Movie Quote


    The Nightmare Before Christmas has been on my mind since the end of August and my favorite character is Oogie Boogie so I’ll use his famous quote (and then go watch the movie for the millionth time). I also really love Jack so I just decided to do one for …

  19. @jwcpsc

    Design Assignment: Tattoos That Describe You


    I felt like this was the perfect assignment for me not only because I love tattoo’s but because one of my tattoo’s influenced what I base this assignment on. I have a tattoo of Anubis on my forearm and I’ve been thinking of adding an eye of Horus to it …

  20. @jwcpsc

    Daily Create 9/28


    For this daily create I brought back friend Gregory the stickman as everyone says drawing stick people is bad art. I don’t understand why but I figured it would go great with this theme.

    Ah. Yes. Back at it again with my classic Gregory the stick man. The real question …

  21. @jwcpsc

    Daily Create 9/27


    For this daily create I didn’t really have an idea on what I wanted to do so looked up some songs with love in the title and saw the All You Need Is Love by The Beetles song. I changed it to All You Need is Monty Python and added …

  22. @jwcpsc

    Weekly Summary: Week Five


    This week was definitely harder in terms of assignments from the assignment bank. Actually getting the idea and the audio to go with it wasn’t hard but bringing the two together like I pictured was difficult. Especially with the radio bumper, it took me a good while to figure out …

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