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  1. @tabbycat07

    Week 2 End

    It is that time of the week again. Time to summarize what I have done since Wednesday. First, I completed two daily creates, which can be found on my Twitter. These two were all about design and romance. @ds106dc #tdc2335 #ds106 Congratulations #alanandcori — Abby Brock (@tabbycat07) June 1, 2018 I made a wedding Read More
  2. @Chris_tastrophe

    My Lips Are Sealed

    First Check-In Well, our radio team met up and we decided on the name Alt-F4. It’s the shortcut key combo for ending a process – this is 1) an end, and 2) digitally related. The squad also brain stormed the general idea of the way our project will go. You know those “found-footage” films? We’re thinking […]
  3. @eafinto

    A Reflection on Design

    When you hear or say the word “design,” what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Is it clothing design, interior design, graphic design, etc. or something completely different? This week’s focus was on design and how to implement design in different projects! I watched two TED talks this week. One was given […]

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