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    Week 5


    For this culmination of final project I wanted to tell a story that was very meaningful to my childhood. To me being in the kitchen is what inspired my love for cooking. The recipe and story that I want to bring you on is about baking cookies during the holidays. …

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    Chocolate Chip Cookie Creation


    The story that I would like to share with you comes from a multi-generational family tradition. This tradition is mainly shared around the holidays to spread cheer and joy. The tradition that I am referring to is baking cookies and then sharing them with family and friends. With all of …

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    End of Week 4


    This week was all about working with videos. The first assignment that I tackled this week was my College Snapshot. This assignment was an amazing way to see the recap of my year at Mary Washington. This video also gave me lots of ideas of how to use the …

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    6 Second Art



    This video assignment relates back to the story of Humpty Dumty. The following video is six still photos of Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall. This video was put together using the same app as the College Snapshot, which was SlideShow Video Maker. To create this setting I used …

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    Instant Replay



    This video was created using the iMovie app. This video goes with the the nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty. During the filming of  this video there were several errors. This gave me the change to understand the editing process of videos. Additionally, I was able to added text to …

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    College Snapshot


    This compilation is of some of experiences, trips, hobbies over the past year of school. During this year there were several life altering events that happened but this did not stop me from making the most of my year. Having the support from my friends, family, professors, and so many …

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    Signing Words


    This assignment was to research some American Sign Language and teach yourself several words. I have been taking ASL for several years in high school and college. In this video I signed “Hello my name is Jordan. I will be finger-spelling words with 6 or more letters. I have 5 …

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    How to Create a Mask


    This video was inspired by my remake of Humpty Dumpty. This video is of the creation of a masquerade mask for Humpty Dumpty’s ball. This video was filmed in sections and then covered with a voice over. This film was made in the iMovie app. Out of all the video …

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    Take Us Through Your Day


    Vlogging my day was something super fun but also very time consuming. I felt that if I missed on second of my day the video would be lacking something. With all of the footage taken throughout the day, I had enough video to truly last a life time. Using the …

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    Short Film Reflections


    One Point Perspective: The video below gives insight into one point perspective scenes. In watching this video there seemed to be a lot of scenes that were of hallways. Additionally, these scenes all had linear movements following or backing away from a character. The last feature that I noticed from …

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    City Accidents



    Walking through the city streets you can hear and experience many things. In this audio recording made with Audacity you travel with someone in the streets until something horrible happens. While walking in the street the footsteps encounter a car crash. This crash then leads to several sirens and …

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    MidWeek Three Reflection


    This week our assignments revolved around the audio world. Our first assignment was listening to two short videos from Jad Abumrad explaining some of his experiences with radio and digital storytelling. Abumrad brings up thought-provoking points about how people interact with digital storytelling. To see these videos and read a …

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    Moon Graffiti Reflection



    While listening to this audio story there were several factors that increased the realistic aspects of the story as well as creating heightened emotions. During this podcast there was a lot of description of what the scenes would have looked like. This ties into the idea of co-imagining that …

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    Reading & Resource Reflection



    During this video, the speaker Abumrad mentions that radio has said to have died over 50 times however, it has not died yet. Abumrad attributes the life of radio to the theory of “co-imagining”. Co-imagining is when someone speaks but not visuals are shown, similar to what the radio …

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    End of Week Two


    During this week we had to complete several assignments. The first task was to recreate our favorite book cover. Personally, I am not a huge reader so this made choosing from books much easier. The book cover that I recreated was If I Stay by Gayle Forman. Using the tool …

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    Monroe’s Alternate History

    Image from Vecteezy

    Marilyn Monroe the iconic “blonde bombshell” sadly passed from an overdose on the barbiturate, a sleeping medication. If this media figure would not have passed away at the young age of 36 she would have grown her name and fame to be more grand. Marilyn Monroe is …

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    Contrast & Tattoos


    Compasses; they use to tell us what direction we were headed. In today’s world we have applications such as Siri or Waze to guide us around. What inspired the compass tattoo was my area of study. Currently, I am studying Geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) these fields involve reviewing …

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    MidWeek 2 Reflection


    This week the Ted Talk videos along with the Canva tutorials helped me in several ways to reconstruct how I look at tackling design. This week when completing the DesignBlitz challenge I was able to see the aspects of design that was shown in the materials come to life.  In …

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    Design Video Reflection

    The following video is of Paula Scher presenting at the Serious Play conference in 2008. 


    During this video the key point being made was in the difference between solemn and serious play. The idea of being ignorant to things creates serious play/work. Serious play is something original and undiscovered. This allows …

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    “Graphic design is a highly sought-after skill.”, says Amy Copperman in her article 8 Basic Principles of Design. There are a few key factors that help graphic design look well organized and thought out. These 8 basic principles are Alignment, Hierarchy, Contrast, Repetition, Proximity, Balance, Color, and Space. Below five …

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    End of Week One




    This week’s reflection will be short and to the point since a lot of my work has already been show in other posts. During this part of the week we focused on digital photography. To start the week I worked on a Photoblitz Challenge. We had a …

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    Storytelling with Photos


    Lactose and untolerable. This image is of the action movie Divergent. To create a humorous meaning to an intense and action filled movie, I added images of food items that contained dairy. Those who are lactose intolerant are unable to consume lactose due to their body’s lack of enzymes. When …

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    While reviewing David duChemin tips to create better photos, I found these tips to be very insightful when it came to extending my knowledge of photography.  One of the tips that I use most regularly is to change my perspective. Doing this provides angles that can show a unique …

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    For this assignment we had to complete a Photoblitz. What is a Photoblitz you ask? A Photoblitz is where you set a designated time amount, for example 15 minutes, and your create random ‘topics’ to take photos of. We had a plethora of photo ideas to take when we did …

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    Mid-Week One



    During the beginning part of this week there was a lot of time spent to creating new accounts all the social media platforms. So far the hardest to use are Twitter and Slack. I have never used twitter before so it has taken me some time to fully figure …

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