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    5 Affordable Ways to Maintain an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle


    It is not that hard to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle.  You might think it costs a lot of money but you will save costs in the long-run.  Let’ look at five affordable ways to be eco-friendly.  *Note there are affiliate links in this post.  If you click I might make …

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    4 Simple Ways to Start Going Green for Your Health


    Going green for your health is one of the best (and easiest) things you can do to improve your life.  There are so many simple ways to to go green for a healthier lifestyle.  Here are just a few easy ways to be green and healthy. *There are affiliate links …

  3. teresa

    How Adopting an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Can Change Your Life


    Adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle has benefits for the planet and for your own well-being. Although going green is a lifestyle change, it doesn’t mean you have to flip your world upside down and there are several reasons that it will change your life for the better. Here are some of …

  4. teresa

    Logic Puzzles are a Powerful Way to Train Your Brain


    Logic puzzles are a powerful way to train your brain to sharpen your inductive and deductive reasoning skills.  If you are a student of science, both of these skills are vital in research and working with the scientific method.  Both of these reasoning skills are also used daily navigating life …

  5. teresa

    A Nature Journal for Kids Creates Respect for the Earth


    A nature journal for kids encourages kids to get outside. It is both a healthy and an educational STEAM activity.  Get some free nature journaling pages to get your kids started when you sign up for my newsletter! There are some amazon affiliate links in this post.  If you click …

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    Using the Scientific Method with Simple Experiments


    Using the scientific method is essential for kids to learn about the world around them.  Kids love playing. Most kinds of play involve making guesses, trying to see if those guesses are right and trying again if you fail.  Playing is science.  Try 2 easy experiments you can do with …

  7. teresa

    9 Important Tips for Encouraging Girls in Science


    Encouraging girls in science is so important in today’s world.  Both at home and in school, girls need to know that science is worth the extra work.  It is a fun, worthwhile pursuit that they are perfectly capable of accomplishing as well as and often better that their male counterparts.…

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    9 Ways a Parent Can Encourage Interest in Science


    Inside:  It is very important that parents encourage interest in science.  Early exposure to science is really important to building a love of the subject rather than a fear of it.  *Affiliate links are found with this post.  If you click and buy I might make a small commission but …

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    An Introduction to Science Journaling for Those Who Hate to Write


    Science journaling, for those science junkies who teach or just love anything related to science is a rewarding activity.  Its great for adults but it is also a rewarding activity for kids.  Both adults and kids can improve their science literacy skills by actively recording their ideas and thoughts about …

  10. teresa

    What is DNA Fingerprinting and 10 Practical Ways it is Used


    DNA fingerprinting is a cool piece of technology.  It give clues to our past and can help shape our future through insights to health concerns controlled by our genes.  Genetic forensics is important in crime fighting and as the technology improves, the more accurate and faster the results.  *Note:  You …

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    How to Motivate Students to Love Science


    How to Motivate Students to Love Science?  If they can relate a science activity to something in the real world they will be more interested.  An activity that is relevant to important events happening now, will get kids pumped.  If the activity follows a defined procedure, like the scientific method, …

  12. teresa

    Why Mental Development is so Crucial for Teaching Life Science


    Mental development is important when teaching any science including life sciences.  Science, particularly human science, is unlike any other subject. An understanding of the fundamentals and facts is important.  For this to happen, you must ensure that teachings provide mental stimulation and hit the students on a psychological level.

    The …

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    Whole Peanut Bird and Squirrel Wreath Feeder

    Inside: A bird and squirrel wreath feeder is a unique way to feed some harder to attract birds like woodpeckers.  Many people feel that adding a whole peanut feeder is a great distraction for the squirrels.  I highly recommend this feeder if you don’t mind feeding some of the local…
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    Who is Chemist Robert Boyle?

    Inside:  Robert Boyle was an important guy in the 17th C and he is considered one of the founders of modern chemistry.  He was responsible for making chemistry a respected science.  Because of him, it became a real science not a study of alchemy and mysticism.  He introduced the idea…
  15. teresa

    Who is Chemist John Polanyi?

    Inside:  John Polanyi is still living and working at the University of Toronto.  He won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in chemical kinetics.  This Berlin born scientist is still an active contributor to the academic world at the age of 91. John Polanyi Toronto Connection John Polanyi…
  16. teresa

    Scientific Developments in Human History is Vital Learning

    Inside: Scientific developments in human history are a fantastic teaching tool.  History has a huge impact on what we do today.  Learning about our scientific past improves our scientific literacy skills, makes us appreciate how far we have come and it is fun for everyone to learn that our ancient…
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    You’re Doing It Wrong: 6 Tree Planting Urban Legends

    Inside:  Tree planting is an expensive proposition. Check out these 6 urban legends and make sure you’re not doing it wrong. Plant your tree right the first time. Amazon affiliate links appear in this post.  I may make a small commission if you click the link but at no cost…
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    Easy Water Experiments: How to Learn the Value of Water

    Inside:  Water experiments are a fantastic way of teaching kids the value of our Earth’s most important resource.  At home or in the classroom, they are easy to perform and most can be completed with common household materials.  Try some easy water experiments in your home school or classroom today!…
  19. teresa

    How in the World Do Animals Keep a Stable Temperature?

    Inside: Thermoregulation looks at the way different animals keep a stable temperature.  Animals, including humans, fall into one of two categories when it comes to how they keep their bodies temperature where it needs to be – endotherms or ectotherms.  There are some finer distinctions within these categories and as always,…
  20. teresa

    8 Steps of the Scientific Method You Need to Know

    Inside:  The 8 steps of the scientific method are a step-by-step method of inquiry.  They give a logical blueprint for scientists to test their questions in a structured way. Valid and logical conclusions are the result. Scientists are looking for cause and effect relationships.  Their educated guess or hypothesis  can…

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