1. @1kid3pets1hub

    How do I measure a year? In love!!


    The semester is coming to a close, and the chaos and panic of every class’s final project or paper being due in the same time frame has finally come to pass. The week we students all dread and look forward to simultaneously! The completion of a semester, and the anticipation …

  2. @MasonOberle

    Week 14


    This week, I finished the last components of my Digital Storytelling course. I published my game on Squiffy and detailed my creative process in a post on my blog. Then, I uploaded a short trailer for it on YouTube and posted about it.

    Through these projects, I tried my best …

  3. Downes



    December 2, 2021. Our previous fridge got very sick (and very noisy) last week, so we welcomed a new fridge to the house today. Cats were not impressed. This new fridge will take some getting used to, but the fridge magnets (seen currently on the industrial grade coffee machine) all…
  4. Downes

    Purple Finch


    December 1, 2021. This purple finch sat on the rail on the upper part of the deck, giving me a perfect opportunity to take a photo. I also got a really nice photo of a woodpecker (not as nice as this, though). Today was a Costco day, and another long…
  5. @KendraB999

    Final Project/ Final Summary: My Fitness Journey

    My Fitness Journey

    The video above, is something that is very near and dear to my heart. This is something that I do not think I would have discovered, had there not been a pandemic. While yes, the pandemic has had very negative impacts, its had some positives come out …

  6. Downes

    Clamp and Cat Hair


    November 30, 2021. You might ask why there is cat hair on this clamp. That’s because it’s the clamp that Julia carries around the house. Why is a cat carrying a clamp around the house? Ask her, not me. This was another day full of meetings, though I was able…
  7. Downes

    Dump Sink


    November 29, 2021. This is the Tim Horton’s near the NRC offices in Ottawa. I had to come on to the campus to drop off a computer. It put a big hole in my day, which also involved starting Module 7 of my course and even doing a little work…
  8. @wchiltonumw

    Our Growth Using Social Media


    The final straw…… I can not believe the end of the semester is here. I have put a lot of time into trying to improve and expand my creativity and knowledge within this class. I have had a great time learning about new platforms and using those platforms to share …

  9. @mgedney

    my final ds106 story


    As the semester winds to an end, so does my final ds106 project. As I mentioned in my progress post, Walker and I created a video explaining how this class compares to and has expanded our utilization of social media platforms. We included segments on Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, and …

  10. @YousephAsaad

    The Web 20 Years Ago


    “Small Pieces Loosely Joined”

    The first three chapters of the reading go into detail about what the internet was like for many people in its initial stages and how in many ways it relates to the space we have in real life. The author did a great job of explaining …

  11. @grace_long88

    Week Fourteen Summary


    This semester I have learned a lot about using different forms of media to tell a story. Now when I see pictures and watch movies, I see them in a different way. I am thinking about the photographer/videographer and trying to see the message they are trying to tell. I …

  12. @grace_long88

    Final Project


    Recently I have been thinking a lot about my college experience. I am so happy I came to Mary Washington and had so many great classes and met so many good people. I am also thankful for how much I have changed throughout college. Looking back, I am nothing like …

  13. zenas suitcase

    20+ Fun & Interesting Facts About Christmas


    With so many people celebrating Christmas around the world for so long, it’s a celebration surrounded with many fun and interesting facts. It’s a time of year when family and friends get together to celebrate, give gifts, sing songs and play games. We want to help get you in the …

  14. zenas suitcase

    Flying Private: When Does It Make Financial Sense?


    When you think of private air travel, visions of the rich and famous, most often associated with owning or leasing a plane to fly about, along with family and friends conjures up images of living large. And beyond the movies, it’s not that uncommon for today’s business travelers to be …

  15. zenas suitcase

    Everything You Need to Know About Blue Light


    Blue light is all around us, and we’re exposed to it every day. It is emitted by our electronic devices, TVs, etc. The bad news is that it might be doing more harm than good, however, the good news is there are ways to protect yourself. To help you understand …

  16. Downes

    Warwick Forest


    November 28, 2021. It’s winter in Warwick Forest, though some berries – like this one – and grapes and bright green leaves are still holdovers from fall. I finished off several more talks for my course today and am ready to move on to the next module in a timely…
  17. Downes

    The Weight of Snow


    November 27, 2021. This is the result of the snow we had yesterday a couple of inches covering everything and weighing down the weeds in the back yard. Today I spent a full day working on the course, recording and uploading a number of presentations. I know, it’s too much…
  18. Downes

    Neck Fur


    November 26, 2021. I came downstairs during a break in my meeting to find Andrea stuck in this situation, witting with a plate in her had and a cat wrapped around her neck, fast asleep. In addition to the meetings, I finished my slides on the duty of care and…
  19. Downes



    November 25, 2021. This is the first goldfinch we’ve seen on the goldfinch feeder – it uses a fine mesh so only birds with tiny feet can land on it and eat the food. We also had a female cardinal spend quite a bit of time on the (other) feeder.…
  20. Downes

    Security Screening


    November 24, 2021. View from the entrance of M-55 at the NRC campus. I had to go into Ottawa today for fingerprints and photos, part of my security screening. It is updated once every ten years, and this was the first time they did fingerprints. I didn’t get my new…
  21. Downes

    Lexi Drinking


    November 23, 2021. This is Lexi enjoying a drink at the tap. We haven’t trained the kittens to drink from the tap (Andrea is a fan) but Julia has been trying and trying to figure out why Lexi always goes up there. No luck yet. Meanwhile, I created and recorded…
  22. zenas suitcase

    Kids Subscription Box Review: Toucanbox


    As much as I love Christmas, I struggle with the number of requests we got for what to get the kids. We have enough issues working out what we are going to buy the children at Christmas, without working out what family and friends should buy them too. When we …

  23. Downes

    Breakfast Television


    November 22, 2021. This is Sid Seixeiro from CITY TV’s Breakfast Television @breakfasttelevision, easily one of the best morning shows I’ve ever watched. I wake up with BT. I watch it on my computer every morning when I get up. The diverse and easy-going cast wends their way through news…

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