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  1. Stephen Downes

    Shrimp Laksa

    June 12, 2024. Flew back from Ireland today, landing in Toronto, where I had this shrimp laksa at the airport hotel. It was absolutely delicious. It was so much nicer to just hit the hotel on landing than to make my way from Toronto home. https://flic...
  2. Stephen Downes


    June 11, 2024. This is the Scottish Provident Building and front of Belfast City Hall, viewed not long after I got off the train. I picked up a hop-on hop-off here to view some of the more far flung areas and I also walked a good 6 or 7 kilometers (on...
  3. Stephen Downes

    New Suit Jacket

    June 8, 2024. Here I am taking a selfie in my new suit jacket. One of the objectives of the trip was just this, because I can't get the right fit in North America (all my suit jackets have been of European origin (Nottingham, Glasgow...) but I keep lo...
  4. amandacrives

    Bonjour Europa! This is what honeymoon Dreams are made of (Part One)


    Most of my European dreams and inspirations, as Iā€™m sure is the case for others as well, derives from famous movies and tv series like The Lizzy McGuire Movie, Luca, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars, James Bond, Emily in Paris, etc. Thus, we saw it fitting to visit various parts of Europe, for our [ā€¦]

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  5. Staff Partner Spotlight: Do the Woo 4.0

    Editorā€™s note: This is a guest post from Bob Dunn, founder of Do the Woo, a podcastĀ channel elevating voices of the WooCommerce and WordPress community. It was early 2023, and Iā€™d been searching for the perfect direction for Do the Woo, the podcast and site we first launched in 2016. ā€¦
  6. natalie

    Dining, Delights & Sunrise

    ?listen to the audio on ?Ā  from the book City Cadence: Pulse of the Current Friday night, Nyssa stood in front of the mirror, contemplating her outfit for her dinner with Zillion. She wore a short dress paired with boots that reached just below the knee. After their spontaneous breakfast earlier in the week, Zillionā€¦ Continue reading Dining, Delights &Ā Sunrise
  7. Stephen Downes


    May 28, 2024. View of Montreal from our hotel room at the SENS downtown. Caught the train home this morning. Anyhow, yesterday I attended the wrong conference in the morning, and they asked me to participate as a speaker today, which I did - but from ...
  8. natalie

    Defiance in the Classroom: Sam Takes On School Policies Head-On

    ?listen to the audio on ?Ā  On the opposite bank of the river, Sam strode alongside her two children, 7- year-old Olivia and 11-year-old Marlon, en route to their school. The past six months had seen the institution implement progressive policies regarding self-expression for the kids. Sam found herself questioning reality when, a few monthsā€¦ Continue reading Defiance in the Classroom: Sam Takes On School PoliciesĀ Head-On
  9. dogtrax

    Music Themes In Morning

    Itā€™s not unusual for me to use music as my theme for some morning creativity ā€” either making it or using music to inspire writing or art. This morning was no different, with my morning poem (with prompt of ā€œsunshineā€ off Mastodon) leading to a guitar haiku poem and the DS106 Daily Create (ā€œcomplete this [ā€¦]

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