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  1. Stephen Downes


    May 4, 2024. This is Julia in her little 'cave' on the shelf behind my chair in the kitchen. It's a nice safe place for her and she can be close by and yet feel protected. A rainy Saturday; I stayed in, got a little work done, and tried to relax. Just...
  2. Stephen Downes

    Clouds and Field

    May 2, 2024. Scene from the road just north of St. Albert in late afternoon. Worked from the home office today - had an early morning presentation for the Europe project, then settled into a regular day of work. At the end of the day I was able to get...
  3. dogtrax

    Daily Create: DawnRise

    The prompt for today’s DS106 Daily Create was about a “dawn chorus” and I patched together a little song with an image of a dawn over a horse farm I drive by every day on my way to school. Peace (and quiet), Kevin
  4. Stephen Downes


    April 30, 2024. My RedBlacks helmet, on a shelf in the home office. It fits, but it's a very tight fit. Nice to know I'll be protected if a football game ever breaks out. Another day of pedal to the metal - today was a Day of Four Meetings (plus an ap...
  5. Stephen Downes

    Black Rapids Creek

    April 28, 2024. Tree flowers (I'm not sure which species) along Black Rapids Creek, where we took our weekly walk. Lots of flowers blooming, even a few nascent trilliums. Back home to do more work on the Europe project, which is approaching a critical...
  6. natalie

    Leaving London

    ?listen to the audio on ?  from the book DESTINATION DESIRABLE – Chapter 1 – Leaving London Paula was looking at the picture displaying her and her boyfriend Walt. The afternoon at a friend’s home in Beirut in 2015 when a friend took a photograph, the weekend they had met for the first time. Paula was working… Continue reading Leaving London
  7. Stephen Downes


    April 27, 2024. A goldfinch on the feeder. Today was a full day setting up Wordpress sites and plugins and connecting them to the Agora. The connect plugin joining Wordpress and Discourse just doesn't work.
  8. Stephen Downes


    April 26, 2024. Workers at the Costco use the forklift. I'm impressed they can lift that high up. Today was an office day, and as usual on late Friday afternoon the network slowed to a crawl as (I assume) computer services tries to push updates at a s...
  9. Stephen Downes


    April 25, 2024. This is Julia in her quiet spot in the basement where she watches the birds. You are not allowed to pet her if she's down here. No bike ride today; the weather was miserable, and I've been resting my oblique in any case. Plus, I had a ...
  10. dogtrax

    A Foolproof Guide to Daily Creating

    ds106 is Open flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0) (Note: this blog post is via a daily prompt from the DS106 Daily Create, which had us using a site to generate titles for a blog post and then to write that blog post. My phrase […]
  11. Stephen Downes


    April 24, 2024. This is the lamp in my office. It's presence here as my photo of the day signifies how hard I've been working. No time for being anywhere but in my office.
  12. Stephen Downes


    April 22, 2023. This is what my office looks like from the working perspective - my keyboards, screens, etc. I've been working pretty hard recently and have been spending a lot of time - including weekends, which have been rainy and cold anyways - rig...
  13. natalie

    Surprise, surprise!

    ?listen to the audio on ?  from the book i-Land – A double Irish and a Dutch – Chapter 3 – Escape to Cork Tonight, she couldn’t care less; she was ready, set to party and joined Harry, whose daughter and boyfriend had meanwhile arrived and who were already dancing on the dance floor. The music was… Continue reading Surprise, surprise!
  14. Stephen Downes

    Ottawa River

    April 21, 2024. This is a view of the Ottawa River from the trail. No hike today, no nothing today, yesterday's bike ride left me sore all over, so I spent the day just recovering.
  15. Stephen Downes

    Maple Sugar Shack

    April 20, 2024. Maple suygar shack near the creek on Longtin Road near Casselman. Went for a bike ride today, only 30 km, but the strong winds and cold weather wiped me out (and gave me a bit of a minor oblique strain).
  16. Stephen Downes

    Home Office

    April 18, 2024. View of the home office, where I'm comfortable and productive. I like half-dead plants, bright lights and open curtains, flags and mementos, electronics, wood and leather.

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