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    Reflective Writing 2: Coding Conventions


    I’ve never heard the term “coding convention” before – or, if I have, I forgot that someone said that. According to Google, “coding convention” is a set of guidelines for programming languages that recommend certain coding styles and practices, which helps improve code readability and understanding.

    Google has a Java

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    Reflective Writing 1: Hello World


    Ah yes, back to computer science. My brother and I discussed coding while he was home (during Christmas – which we were supposed to have in Charleston but our Airbnb lost power, got power back, then lost power again – and we had to drive back on Christmas Eve and …

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    Digital storytelling… so what?


    I have a bit of experience with media outlets and ways to create media online, but I want to learn more about it. I think it’s very important to know how to do these sort of things, especially with creating your own website and using different websites. I hope to …

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    Bob Ross: The artistic philosopher

    1/10/22 (Week 1)

    My video:

    Bob Ross – Dark Waterfall (Season 7 Episode 13)

    In this episode, Bob Ross paints a “Dark Waterfall.” He uses many colors in this painting including, but not limited to, titanium white, Indian yellow, and Van Dyke brown.

    “I don’t want to kill all these…

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