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Death of AutoTune

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The assignment I chose was AutoTune Something. The directions were to take something that is not usually autotuned. So I decided to autotune this southern voice of mines. I had a lot of fun with this assignment although my clip is twenty-two seconds long, hahaha. Back to business I created this recording using the Garage Band on the Mac. Well as my title implies, this is the worst autotune ever and Jay-Z thought T-Pain killed it, I did quite a number. So enough of my blabbing and  here is the link to  Dametra’s Autotune. So in case you have no idea of what I am saying the words are:

Audio Remix (3X)

This is for my English class

 Dr. Crovitz and everyone else

Hope you enjoy this 

Audio Remix (3X)

**Note: I was very nervous, you can hear the shakiness in my voice

So it sounds horrible, but hey I am proud of my handy work, with a little Youtubbing (yeah I just made that word up:) you can auto tune your self too.
Since I know how to do this now, I think my sister and I are going to create an auto tune song. hehehe Dorky I know, but  I love when I have learned something new.
Here is the YouTube video that  assisted me with the auto tune process.

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