1. Dametra Lester

    Remix 4: Show Me Therefore Teach Me


    For the Remix 4 assignment I decided to choose the How To Tutorial. I have never made a tutorial or  a video and broadcasting it to the world. So I thought it would be a good opportunity to explore. At least  I know the process of how to record, edit,…
  2. Dametra Lester

    Remix 3


    Nothin’ Under the Sun

    In  ENGL 7741 I am on my third remix. For those new to the blog, remixes are visual, audio, multimodal texts created by an individual with their  own twist.  DS 106 creates or host the Remix projects . So enough of the boring and technical mumbo …

  3. Dametra Lester

    Death of AutoTune


    The assignment I chose was AutoTune Something. The directions were to take something that is not usually autotuned. So I decided to autotune this southern voice of mines. I had a lot of fun with this assignment although my clip is twenty-two seconds long, hahaha. Back to business I created …

  4. Dametra Lester

    Remix Blackout Poetry


    So this assignment was taken from DS106. This is one of four of my remix assignments on a visual, audio, and film. The assignment is to find an article and blackout the words, and the words remaining (non-blackout words) will read a poem, short s tory, or just whatever.


  5. Dametra Lester

    A Little Birdie Named Twitter


    Twitter has been such an influential tool for social and media purposes. Many of our students are in the know about the ins and outs of Twitter, while we are still in hesitation and confusion about the purpose or just simple pondering about what to write in that square box. …

  6. Dametra Lester

    From World Book to Wikipedia


    This  next posting is quite different from my previous posts. Since I failed to mention an introduction to my blog, I will provide a brief description in this post.  I started this blog as a requirement  for my English 7741 course at KSU.  In short the course is a technology …

  7. Dametra Lester

    Frazzled, Discouraged, & Need Jesus


     It has been awhile since I last blogged. Ok update, well last posting I was discouraged, yet had a positive attitude about my job.  I QUIT. No  I am not proud that I  quit, but  a lady has to do what a lady has to do. So I thought about …

  8. Dametra Lester

    First Extendend Weekend :)


    So I am trying my best to keep up with blogging consistently. So, if you cannot tell that I am stoked about this weekend, hence the smiley face in the title. This weekend was Labor Day, just relaxing at the house. I will miss my bed dearly tomorrow. While I …

  9. Dametra Lester

    A Glimpse of Me


    Welcome to Ms. Lester’s Blog! This is my very first post with Word Press (Yes, I am a newbie). Although I am new to WordPress, I am no stranger to words. I am not the best writer, but I definitely

     love using words to express the way I am …

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