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Welcome to Ms. Lester’s Blog! This is my very first post with Word Press (Yes, I am a newbie). Although¬†I am new to WordPress, I am no stranger to words. I am not the best writer, but I definitely

 love using words to express the way I am feeling. It is very relaxing. Now to the good stuff Bloggers :) . I am 23, from a small country town in Georgia and currently reside in Atlanta. I am single, intelligent, dorky, bubbly, and all of the above, yet I am jobless. Okay not really jobless, more like I do not have my dream job. So I attended Georgia State University(Yaay, go Panthers), and graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors in Middle Level Education. I really enjoy/ love children, sometimes they are the best for comic relief.

So fast forward after graduation, I have not received a job with a school district. As of right now I currently work at a daycare center as a teacher’s assistant to Pre-K students. Boy do I love them, I just have a tough way of showing it. This is not my dream job, but I am hoping that this is the job before the dream job. I enjoy them, but as I continue to work with this age group I have realized this is not my preference.

This blog will follow my journey of working with the Pre-K students. That’s right you all get to read first hand my daily experiences, reflections, and thoughts as I complete this school year. Hope you all enjoy.

Below is one of my favorite children’s song; yes it’s corny, but it makes my day when I hear it. Sometimes I think I enjoy it more than the kids.:)

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