1. dori0813

    12/21: Final Project Reflection


    Storytelling to me means , the ability of having a different way of expressing their way of narrating a story. I found this class very interesting because we werent told what to do, and had to become responsible for our own assignments , its very cool because it was kind …

  2. dori0813

    My Final Project


    I decided to combine both videos together and finally finished it , i hope you guys enjoy . I really tried my best.


  3. dori0813

    Plan of my final project


    For my final project i would like to focus on combining two of my favorite movies into a short 3 minute video, my plan is to super cut it and try to combine both a make a story from clips of both movies.…

  4. dori0813

    12/3 Week Fourteen: Archiving and Final Projects


    After watching the post by Jim Groom again i understand more that people are losing the essence of the use of tools for the internet because it seems to plain and its best if a story or situation is best described with narration, it makes me want to become more …

  5. dori0813

    10/22 Week Eight: Radio Shows


    After recording for the radio show i did along with a partner i found very cool converting my voice into a deep voice so that the recording could sound more appealing ,i felt really nervous when recording i probably had to re-do it about 3 times before i could get …

  6. dori0813

    10/15 Week Seven: Advanced Audio (Radio Show)


    Creating the bumper to the radio show was very fun because i got to actually participate in cutting out parts that didn’t belong in the bumper. Our groups topic is about internet privacy and piracy and how websites are going into your personal information, including a halloween theme.

  7. dori0813

    9/10 week three: your taste,your creativity


    Creativity helps the mind set out ideas whether if its on paper or if you can actually make something. Creativity means colors, patterns, shapes and using our imagination because thats what identifies us as a person, we all have different personalities that define us and when expressed with creation we …

  8. dori0813

    9/3 Week two: Customizing Your Blog


    After customizing my blog, i worked on my first week of daily assignments. I really like drawing so thats why the majority of my assignments for this week were drawn .The three i created where the drawing of my shoe using two different colors and i used blue and gray, …

  9. dori0813

    No Digital Face Lifts


    Its cool how the talk about new devices that included so many new features and are compacted in a small size. Of course since I’m new to this everything is confusing to me, but i like the fact that i can be the administrator of my own website. i really …

  10. dori0813

    8/27 Week One: Introduction and Getting Started


    I find it very cool that anyone has access to buying a website(domain) that allows the publish anything they want. I really hope i can get the hang of how everything works because I’m not very good with computers nor technology. I like the activity with the shadow puppets i …

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