1. Heather Barton

    Remix #4 – Video



    As a teacher, I realize the value of a well-crafted video.  Taking the written word and making the themes, images, and ideas explode in a cacophony of color for the learner.  What many of those learners do not realize is the sheer amount of time it takes to make …

  2. Heather Barton

    Remix Project #3 – Design


    I love to work with design.  From the corporate world to the classroom, I have been known to play for hours with the elements of an artifact.  I have created brochures, business cards, invoices, multimedia PowerPoint, and graphic organizers to name just a few.  While this may make me look …

  3. Heather Barton

    Remix #2 (Audio): Jingle Jangle Tutorial


    Step 1:  Write the Script

    All projects start with a good script.  This script, while not my best, was fun to write from the perspective of a dog.  I was inspired, of course, by the cutest puppy in the world!

    Step 2: Pick the Background Music

    I believe that this …

  4. Heather Barton

    Remix #2 (Audio): Jingle Jangle


    I have to admit, I love mixing audio into a video file.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.  Finding the perfect song that matches the mood of an image – purely delicious.  That’s why this project challenged me to tell my tale with just my voice and music.  …

  5. Heather Barton

    Exorcism, Wikipedia, & Britannica – Oh my!


    Our task was to examine an entry into three different mediums. The topic of examination was exorcism and we researched this term through a hardback encyclopedia, an online encyclopedia, and Wikipedia. We all have a perception that what we read in an encyclopedia is true. Similarly, a any believe that …

  6. Heather Barton

    My Teaching Life


    The Images
    What is my day like as a teacher?  That’s a complicated question for any teacher to answer.  We would all say that our job is to educate the minds of the future, but the reality of being a teacher goes so much farther!  The images I chose go …

  7. Heather Barton

    Weekly Happenings


    Shakespeare’s Tavern / Atlanta, GA

    What a week!  Only four days of school, so it should have been a breeze, right?!?!  WRONG-O!  After three days of committee meetings, planning for a curriculum shift in adding tutoring to the school day, and Master’s course work, I am tired.  No rest …

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