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    Remix Project #4 – Video – Tying a Tie


    DS106, Tying a Tie 101 – Remix Project

    The Process:

    For some reason, this project gave me the most difficulty!  Like…for real…very frustrating!  I started it last weekend with a couple of ideas, but nothing that I really liked.  By Sunday, still nothing.  On Monday night I had a perfect …

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    Remix #3 – Thinking Fast and Slow – Learning by Design

    1st Drawing 2nd Drawing Pencil Sketching of Final Final Product Remix #3

    After looking through different options for Remix #3, I came across the “Learning by Design” assignment.  I have seen similar flowcharts on the Internet, sometimes the sketching is done in real-time with a voice-over narrating the concept while …

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    The US Postal Service Remix Audio


    Rationale: I imagined a new reality TV show that captured mail “people” doing their daily work.  My job was to make the mundane sound really exciting.  Don’t know if I succeeded…I think most people hate the sound of their own voice! I certainly do.  Oh, and I messed up a …

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    Remix #1 (Visual) Prufrock’s Love Song


    So, when I read Prufrock, I think of a highly intelligent, over-dramatic (and melodramatic), egocentric kinda guy.  I feel like he is well-liked, but tired of always feeling examined or inspected.  His obsession with his outer appearance raises his anxiety levels to an absurd level, as far as calling himself …

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    A Day in the Eye of the Teach

      This photo represents my normal teaching day in the blink of an eye.  The only pictures that I have of my students are the two that you see, the one in the center and the one of the boy sleeping at his computer.  From these two pictures, I wove…

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