1. Wendy Walker

    Opening Credits Redux


    For this last Remix, I chose to rework the opening credits from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The project took some time, but was fun to complete. I used Movie Maker for this remix. Here are the steps that I took:

    1. Went to google images and saved all the images …

  2. Wendy Walker

    Remix #3 Postcards From Magical Places


    For this remix I decided to make a postcard. I was really hoping to go all out with this one and use the more advanced version of Pixlr. My original thought was to use the existing picture of Ireland (a shot that I took myself when I visited in 1999) …

  3. Wendy Walker

    Make Your Own Ringtone


    In order to create my ringtone, I used a program called Soundations. Find this free program at soundation.com. The program gives options to utilize a free program, but you can also buy the Premium or Power package which allows for more storage and additional music selections.

    It didn’t take …

  4. Wendy Walker

    Twitter Thoughts


    I have never been a proponent of Twitter, and only created an account under extreme duress from my professor. Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but I really could care less about having a Twitter account. So when I read our assignment to tweet at least once a …

  5. Wendy Walker

    Remix #1


    This is a photo of my youngest daughter, Erica, from Easter 2011. I’ve always loved the expression on her face and the bright colors in the picture. I tried to add effects that made the picture more dream-like. Erica is my free-spirited child who often loses herself in imaginary play …

  6. Wendy Walker

    Hostess Cupcakes and Twinkies


    I did it. I gave into that impulse buy at Target today. Doesn’t everyone say that you go into Target for one thing and come out with 20? Well, I managed to keep my item count under 20, but I did give in to a childhood moment and bought chocolate …

  7. Wendy Walker

    Pixlr Part 3


    This photo was taken in July 2012 with my boyfriend Jeb. I reconnected with him after my divorce. We dated in high school and it seems like we have been friends for our entire lives, even though we lost track of each other for almost 15 years. I used one …

  8. Wendy Walker

    Pixlr Part 2


    In this photo I returned to some favorite pictures that I’ve taken near my hometown of Wheatland, Wyoming. I used the collage feature to incorporate both of them together. One aspect that I love about my town is the vast difference you see when you look towards the west and …

  9. Wendy Walker

    Playing with Pixlr


    I think I had a little too much fun with pixlr.com, so I’m going to post a couple of different photos. This first photo was the first one that came to mind: one of my favorite pictures of my daughters together. I’m not sure how I managed it, but they …

  10. Wendy Walker

    September 6, 2012


    Another week gone by… I can’t believe we have completed almost 4 weeks of school already! Labor Day has passed and I’m ready for some cool fall weather. Several people have told me that there is a “cold snap” coming early next week. Apparently, in Georgia that means that the …

  11. Wendy Walker

    Wyoming Football


    Hey Cowboy fans! Are you ready for another college football season? Okay, so I’m really not a big Wyoming Cowboy fan, but it’s the only university in Wyoming, so I guess I will like them by default. I did manage to march in the band on their football field when …

  12. Wendy Walker

    First Post


    Happy Thursday! This is my first blog post. It will contain virtually no creativity since it is almost 9pm and my brain is quitting on me…

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