1. mpeavy1

    Time-Space-Relation Project

    I found I had a hard time relating to and working on this project.  Maybe some more examples from previous classes will make this easier for classes down the road, but i had a hard time wrapping my brain around how serious the project was supposed...
  2. abayaldeman


    I used the photoshop express program available on the IOS system to modify a photo I took exactly one year ago. The photo was already of a weird quality due to it being taken with a 3DS, so modifying the photo proved to be a rather odd exercise. I chan...
  3. mpeavy1

    Blog Post 6

    Affinity Space ProjectDecember 11- I began working on project, figuring out what I needed to do and what I wanted to do the project on. I went through most of my personal picture that I have the right to share and threw them violently into iMovie as I ...
  4. mpeavy1

    Blog Post 8

    I don't participate in any real news related websites other than Reddit, although I do read the BBC and Drudge Report for generic news. I honestly didn't want to sign up for anything more than is necessary as I kind of felt that we were constantly thro...
  5. mpeavy1

    Blog Post 10

    Where I'm from Poem

    I am from cow pastures
    and elementary school bus walks filled with scary, violent dogs.
    From the 80's and inception of gaming
    and from the wilderness I used to despise.
    I am from the war on marriage
    and the dissolution of love.

    I am from the southern state,
    from the “Bible Belt” of sodom.
    I am from Christians exclaiming they know the truth
    and Jews whom are less overbearing than their Christian brethren.
    I am from a truth that a book does not rule my life,
    and that books are the key to freedom from ignorance of deities.

    I am from blizzards in the 90's,
    to the oppressively humid heat of Georgia.
    I am from perseverance with constant failure
    and from underachieving.
    Yet I have achieved things that less than 1% have done,
    or will ever do, ever.

    I am from game-nerds, baseball bats,
    and outdoor wild people.
    I am from the need to be a nice guy,
    even if that leads to the inevitable failure.
    I am from forever friend zones and solitude.
    Where no one can break the bubble.

    I am from music never play int he early years,
    but created personally later.
    From concert venues and late night shows,
    to large festivals where you meet the world.

    I am from stone-will, but fluid as water.
    I was here, but am not now
    and I am invisible, but not for much longer.

  6. thatklagirl

    Harry Potter ABCs – DS106 Assigment C

    Assignment: This assignment said to compile images to represent each letter of the alphabet within a chosen subject area or theme. Create a collage. Here is the link to the original assignment if you want to check it out for yourself: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/a-z-photo-collage/ I have been working on this since August and it is finally done! I […]
  7. mpeavy1

    This I Believe Essay Log: Music

    Way back in September I thought about doing the poem about music and therefore the DMC about it as well. Since I was learning to use a music program, I felt it would sync up similarly with the movie software.December 9th- well it was kind of easy to pu...
  8. mrbyrnside

    DS106 Assignment C: What’s The Meme?

    For my third DS 106 assignment I decided to create a meme under the assignment “What’s The Meme?” Using Pixlr I cropped a picture from my personal library of two of my friends (with their permission of course) and added the text. The meme is in reference to Halo 4, a video game that we... Read more.
  9. mpeavy1

    Blog Post 9

    DS 106 Assignment CI did the Over Edit Yourself assignment just for giggles and so that I could easily eliminate an assignment off the list. My picture ended up looking like a late 80's B movie filter for some kind of toxic looking picture. Cheers.
  10. mpeavy1

    Blog Post 5

    DS 106 Assignment BI chose the Forced Collaboration assignment because I've only really been working on music in my free time, so I'm going to build off of that being the easiest way to make a few points and do something new with my audio. Plus, as lon...
  11. raequeen

    DS106 Project C

    In this assignment you had to take an article and scratch out parts to leave another story that was completely different from the first.  My original was about brewing your own beer.  My story reads, "Once upon a time on a safari within a sho...
  12. Brielle Folio

    ds106 assignment C

    For my ds106 choice assignment C, I picked Minimalist TV/Movie Poster (mine are the one’s titled “Brielle’s minimalist posters”). The instructions were very simple: Create a tv/movie poster that captures the essence of the story through the use of minimalist design/iconography. … Continue reading
  13. sabarewald

    Greetings from DS106

    Assignment Details Tell us where you are, where you’re from, or simply where you’d rather be and build a greeting card. Personal Experience I couldn’t quite figure out how to insert a text to an image on GIMP therefore I did this project on Microsoft Word (Woohoo)! I simply picked a photo that I took […]
  14. samanthalf8

    Another Denzel Movie Poster DS106 #C

    The assignment was to improve movie posters to make them more accurately reflect the content of the film. This poster is from the movie “Flight” which is the newest Denzel Washington movie where he is the good guy, but made to look like the bad guy but still comes out as the good guy/badass in […]
  15. tiamay

    Minimal movement gif

      For this DS106 assignment it asked for as minimal movement as possible in a gif. So after a while of searching for a good scene to use my boyfriend linked me to a great scene in the show Suits. There is 2 layers here, the top layer is a still image from the scene […]
  16. mpeavy1

    Super Late Blog post #1

    Okay yeah, so after reading the attention chapter some time ago, I am eventually getting to the blog post. Yeahhhhh.  I can remember while reading that I never have problems focusing while doing something, just focusing before starting. I would ha...
  17. thatklagirl

    Letters in your surroundings

    I made this for my DS106 assignment B. I actually had a lot of fun with this one. The assignment said “Create your name from objects in your environment. Use either Creative Commons images, ones of your own, or a combination of both to find the letters of your name hidden in your surroundings. Edit […]
  18. raequeen

    Mrs. Queen 2012-10-10 21:48:00

    Talk about Demotivating!  There are few things that demotivate me more than knowing there is no point in saving for the future when so much money is printed my money is worthless the longer I hold on to it!  =(   
  19. raequeen

    Truthful Movie Poster

    I loved this assignment, I really loved seeing what everyone else put up.  It was fun and thought provoking. This is a project I want to do with my students in the future, sans the foul language.  I think this teaches students that they have ...
  20. mrbyrnside

    The Way It Should’ve Been

    So for our DS106 assignment 2, I went with a FanFic assignment entitled, “The Way It Should Have Been,” where we were supposed to take a scene from a movie or book that we like and change it. I actually chose a scene from a recent episode of Sons of Anarchy. I know that’s a... Read more.
  21. samanthalf8

    Lyric Typography Poster

    The assignment was to choose one of your favorite lines from a song and illustrate it using only typography. Consider how the font, color, sizes and placement of the typography can reflect or emphasize the meaning of the words. I’m not sure if I did this correctly, but I still think it came out kind […]
  22. tiamay

    Jareth – Magic Trading Card

    For another DS106 assignment I chose to make a movie trading card. I wanted to remix not only the movie but an iconic trading card template from the famous card game, Magic the Gathering. Here it is, I hope everyone likes it! I had a lot of fun with this one. I did everything you […]
  23. mrbyrnside


    Thurs. 9/6: Today I started my “This I Believe” essay. I felt like it was imperative to start the essay first to try and get my ideas down on “paper.” I found, as I started writing, that ideas would start popping into my head on what to do for possible video ideas. Ie- pictures and... Read more.
  24. peacenikx3

    Love in Three Frames

    This is my DS106 B assignment. The name of the assignment was Love in Three Frames. The goal was to write a love story in three frames using three pictures and three captions. I used the free online program PicMonkey to put the pictures into a Pol...
  25. thatklagirl

    thatklagirl » ds106 2012-09-26 16:51:07

    My DS106 choice assignment was to create a collogue on a sillouette of my head representing the things that went around in my head every day. This is what i came up with. All photos used with permission by creative commons. The background is made up of a montage of Harry Potter photos. I chose […]
  26. raequeen

    Odyssey on Maps

    I created a Google Map based on the Odyssey intended to use in future classes in school.  I would like to use this activity again for other books as well.  I am thinking along the lines of Mark Twain, or Jane Austen.  I am a visual perso...
  27. mpeavy1

    Blog Post 3

    Voice Morphing to the Max on DS106Hey guys, I did the voice morphing assignment on DS106 with myself and a video Ted talk that Bobby Mcferrin did. I was so inspired that I created a song out of it, which took me a few obsessive days. I hope you guys li...

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