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I don’t participate in any real news related websites other than Reddit, although I do read the BBC and Drudge Report for generic news. I honestly didn’t want to sign up for anything more than is necessary as I kind of felt that we were constantly throwing information about ourselves to websites i.e. linkedIn which I hope I can delete, because I want no part of a site that aggregates our web identities. I did not participate in the Twitter chats for Engl. Ed. honestly because I hate Twitter with a passion and find that, although you gave a tool that edits the feed into time frames and clumps words which was 100% necessary to get the site to even make sense, I can’t stand to be on that website. The site is just too poorly designed to really hold any information worth caring about and discussions created therein are pointless, I don’t understand why we couldn’t find a generic chat room where posts are sequential and not scattered as I feel a message board would kick Twitters worthless 150 character min. ass. I’m honestly not happy about even having an account, but I made one for music and that’s the one I care about, if any. But please don’t take this as a bashing, I really enjoyed the class. I just dislike specific websites and their layout.

Now Reddit on the other hand I do contribute, post, and create content. I enjoy reading the science section, news, gaming, really anything news related on the site and comment for sweet, sweet karma, as well as to read and understand others’ facts, ideas, and beliefs. Maybe next time the class could use a different mode of news or something slightly more lighthearted that others may already be a part of, instead of main news site comments?  I have really never seen anything more intelligent on a news site. In fact, I’ve seen many less intelligent comments on generic news sites, especially Fox, CNN, or whatever major channel run by the U.S. Also, I’ve never been able to generate any real discussion off the comments as the get slammed to the bottom by time and date.

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