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Where I’m from Poem

I am from cow pastures
and elementary school bus walks filled with scary, violent dogs.
From the 80’s and inception of gaming
and from the wilderness I used to despise.
I am from the war on marriage
and the dissolution of love.
I am from the southern state,
from the “Bible Belt” of sodom.
I am from Christians exclaiming they know the truth
and Jews whom are less overbearing than their Christian brethren.
I am from a truth that a book does not rule my life,
and that books are the key to freedom from ignorance of deities.
I am from blizzards in the 90’s,
to the oppressively humid heat of Georgia.
I am from perseverance with constant failure
and from underachieving.
Yet I have achieved things that less than 1% have done,
or will ever do, ever.
I am from game-nerds, baseball bats,
and outdoor wild people.
I am from the need to be a nice guy,
even if that leads to the inevitable failure.
I am from forever friend zones and solitude.
Where no one can break the bubble.

I am from music never play int he early years,
but created personally later.
From concert venues and late night shows,
to large festivals where you meet the world.

I am from stone-will, but fluid as water.
I was here, but am not now
and I am invisible, but not for much longer.

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