1. sabarewald

    Switch up the Mood



    Assignment Details

    Color, lighting, saturation, contrast, and many other factors all play in to taking a decent photo and making it fabulous. This assignment is to change the mood or tone of a photograph by altering the contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, exposure, etc. You do not have to change …

  2. mrbyrnside

    ds106 assignment “Creeping on a Movie”


    Creeping on Movies


    So the assignment from DS106 that I chose was “Creeping on a Movie.” We had to edit a picture from a movie and add a picture of ourselves. I chose this scene from Freddy vs. Jason. Using Pixlr I was able to “photoshop” a picture I …

  3. samanthalf8

    Mission: Defamiliarize


    The assignment was to “make a set of ten photos which take something familiar to you–a town, building, object, etc.–and defamiliarize it, make it seem foreign. Use a mix of extreme closeups, weird lighting, foreground/background focusing and odd angles and other effects to make something that you know very well …

  4. peacenikx3

    When Unicorns Explode 2


    This is my DS106 A project called When Unicorns Explode. The purpose of the assignment was to take a picture that included as much color as humanly possible. I took this picture using my Android 2 smart phone. It is of the syrup bottles where I worked at the time …

  5. peacenikx3

    When Unicorns Explode


    This was my initial DS106 A assignment for When Unicorns Explode. The goal was to take a picture that contained as much color as humanly possible.But looking at it now, the description says as much color as humanly possible. Perhaps that meant literally no photo editing? Oh well. I have …

  6. tiamay

    Legend.GIF Edition!!!


    For a DS106 assignment I chose to summarize a movie in 10 gifs or less. I chose the wonderful film Legend, starring TOM CRUISE and UNICORNS! If you have not seen the movie it basically is about a princess named Lily and a forest boy named Jack. Together they are …

  7. abayaldeman

    This I believe (ESSAY)


    I believe in the Horror Club

          Kennesaw State University is an institution that wishes its students to express themselves. When my friend and I first arrived here, we were impressed by the variety of groups of people.  We checked out the clubs the University had available, but none of…
  8. Annastasshia Ames

    Attention Log


    Class: ENGL 3241

    Assignment: Attention Log


    12:44 start 

    12:45 grabbed a drink

    12:46 return to reading

    12:51 looked up “nihilistic”

    12:53 looked up wiki bio of author

    12:55 returned to reading

    12:56 googled “neo-Luddite”

    1:03 glanced at the time

    1:05 brother messaged me

    Starcraft II


  9. Brielle Folio



    My attention has always been a difficult thing to hold. While reading the Rheingold chapter on our changing attention spans, I had to force myself to stay focused on the pages, and even then I succumbed to minimal distractions such as responding to my phone and email. I believe the …

  10. Ryan Rish

    Rites of Passage


    In class, we discussed how considering different rites of passage may be a good way to introduce middle school students to The Giver. We considered what it means to make the familiar strange and the strange familiar. Below are the videos we used in class to consider different rites of …

  11. Ryan Rish

    Animated Generations GIF


    I thought I would jump in and create something to share/model my/a process.

    Inspiration. I was talking to my mother today on the phone. She said she was going through some old photos to reconstruct family history with someone who shared part of our family history. She said that I…
  12. Ryan Rish



    For our first reading in ENGL 3241, we read the first chapter of Howard Rheingold‘s (2012) Net Smart on attention. I asked the class to read the chapter and monitor their own attention during the reading. In class, we shared our experiences with managing our attention when reading a …

  13. raequeen

    Attention… or lack thereof…


    Is it odd that the first subject matter to come up in a digital media class for prospective English teachers is attention?  I would venture to say no, and I would also like to commend my professor for allowing us o speak so honestly about our own attentiveness.  It seems that …