1. saramariee39

    Discover Program

    This year I was given the opportunity to be a part of K-State Salina’s Discover Program. This program allowed girls in local Girl Scout troops receive their entertainment technology badge. Throughout the night the girls attended three different sessions; computer animation, sound effects, and sound editing. The girls were given the opportunity to edit an animation with […]
  2. saramariee39

    Peterson Brothers

    As a part of my class we looked at the Peterson brothers and how popular their videos have become. We discussed different interviews with them online and we talked about those. Also, we went into discussion on similar videos. I think it was great to go into depth on the subject and find out why […]
  3. saramariee39

    Mystery Skype

    The other day in social media class we did a mystery Skype with a group of 7th graders. We had to guess where each other were from down to the city. The rules were that we can only ask one question during our turn and it had to be a yes/no answer. The Skype went […]
  4. saramariee39

    Research Paper Draft

    My research paper has been coming along pretty well. I have went through all of my sources and have summarized them all. From here I will take these summaries and make my paper from it. Also, I have made an introduction for my paper. So here is what I have so far: Intro: In the […]
  5. saramariee39

    Outline of Paper

    As I stated in a previous blog post, we have to write a research paper for our social media class. My research paper is over social networking and it’s effects on children. The assignment for this week was to come up with a outline of the paper. Our teacher did not inform us of the type […]
  6. saramariee39

    Guest Speaker

    Last class period we had a guest speaker come in to talk to us about how became successful through blogging. Before class our teacher asked us to read his blog and have questions prepared to ask. The only thing is we were reading the speakers blog from 3+ years ago and since then the speaker […]
  7. saramariee39

    Words of Wisdom About College

    As I am sitting here with fellow classmates, I started thinking about college life and I really wish I knew what I did now when I first started college. I mean not everything is a cake walk. I went through a lot of struggles and regrets. So here is the truth. There are awesome classes and […]
  8. saramariee39

    Reference List

    As part of my social media class we are required to write a research paper. My research paper is about social networking and its effects on children. For this paper I will be using the following resources: Dorsch, M. & Greenberg, P. (2009, July/August). WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT social networking. State Legislatures 35(7), […]
  9. saramariee39

    Social Media Platforms

    In our social media class we had to get new platforms that we haven’t used before and try them out. I have started using Tumblr and am in love with it. I may only have 2 followers at this time but I am following a lot of people. I also have messed around with Yik […]
  10. saramariee39

    Social Media Class

    We are almost half way through the semester and I am still very skeptical about this class. I was expecting so much more and haven’t seemed to learn much. I feel like I know how to use social media just the same amount as I did before I started this class. I have started using […]
  11. saramariee39

    Facebook Marketing

    Friday in class we discussed the topic of paying for Facebook marketing. This topic related to one of my tasks I was given through On The Record, our school’s online newspaper. I manage their Facebook page and post to it quite frequently. We do not have the funds to pay to boost each one of […]
  12. saramariee39

    Should you Fling?

    I have recently downloaded the Fling app to my phone just to see what everyone was talking about. When adding it I was fully prepared for nothing but creepers but to my surprise it is the opposite. Yes, there are still those creepers but there is also those who share their culture or pictures of […]
  13. saramariee39

    Advancing in the World

    Well here’s to becoming a social media guru. I am currently taking a class in social media technology and we were asked to broaden our horizons when it comes to social media. Recently I have opened up a tumblr account, a linked in account, and a yik yak account. They are all different then what […]
  14. saramariee39

    On The Record

    On The Record is a school organization at Kansas State University – Salina. The organization helps spread awareness of the University’s talented students/staff. They accept submissions of art, poetry, short stories, designs, etc. from all staff and students at the Salina campus. As a graphic designer for On The Record, I created a poster to […]
  15. saramariee39

    Kansas Black History Month Posters

    We were given a couple different assignments to capture Kansas Black History month. The first assignment was to make 3 posters symbolizing famous Black people in Kansas. The second assignment was to capture an important assignment for a particular teacher. I was given Bill Genereux and was to create a poster that captured his Kansas […]
  16. a7xpetrock

    Lab 9

    Objectives: We were to configure a Static Route Network, Configure our RIP, and then Troubleshoot our RIP. We ended up running out of time at the end of class and did not completely troubleshoot.  Equipment List: Computers, Cat5 Cables, Switches, Routers, and People who know what they’re doing Notes and Observations: I know networking is not my forte, because I […]
  17. a7xpetrock

    Reference List

    Works Cited Brodie, C. S. (2004). Always inventing: A photobiography of alexander graham bell. School Library Media Activities Monthly,21(4), 48-49. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.er.lib.k-state.edu/docview/237132724?accountid=11789\ http://search.proquest.com/pqrl/docview/237132724/D21D142CF8A44FAAPQ/1?accountid=11789   Mindell, D. A. (1998). Alexander graham bell: The life and times of the man who invented the telephone. The New England Quarterly, 71(4), 672-674. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.er.lib.k-state.edu/docview/215271091?accountid=11789 http://search.proquest.com/pqrl/docview/215271091/B05D55698AA4429BPQ/1?accountid=11789   Bellis, M. (2014, March […]
  18. a7xpetrock

    Lab 8

    Objectives: Create your own version of the “Hitch Cut” video. Equipment List: Video Editing Software. I used Adobe Premiere CS6 Notes and Observations: I already knew how to do this lab, so I wasn’t too concerned when it came to applying my knowledge. Personally, I could have easily skipped this lab and have been fine, but I can […]
  19. a7xpetrock

    Lab 7 Part 2

    Objectives: We created our own network by following a diagram that was set up on the board. We then split into groups and set up our IP addresses to the network and then made sure everyone could “talk” to one another by pinging or using some other form of communication. Equipment List: Many Computers, Network Cables, Switches, Routers, Power, our brains. Notes […]

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