1. steven225

    Avast Premier Review


    When looking for an anti-virus plan for your COMPUTER SYSTEM, you should consider Avast Premier. This kind of application delivers privacy cover, net secureness, and appropriate protection. It is user-friendly interface and personalized security features are critical advantages. In addition , the program also has customizable skins and a background …

  2. steven225

    Avast Gaming Function


    Avast comes with designed the gaming mode to protect you from detrimental online dangers, although still providing full control of your system. This feature might disable documenting software, block pop-ups, and postpone most qualifications activities to help you focus on what you like without disruption. The mode is also perfect …

  3. steven225

    Computer virus Protection Intended for iPhone


    If you’ve recently bought an iPhone, most likely probably concerned with the possibility of infections. While the phone is secure from many threats, variety of careers steps you should take to be sure your equipment is safe right from attack. Primary, download a virus-protecting App from your Apple App-store. This …

  4. steven225

    Kaspersky Internet Secureness Review


    A free rendition of Kaspersky Internet Security can shield up to 20 devices. The premium release adds twenty more devices to the list. Users also can choose to search within their computer systems automatically for specified conditions, after program start-up, or after every app redesign. The free of charge version …

  5. steven225

    Advanced Board Web destination Features and Benefits


    Purchasing a sophisticated board website is a great way to save time. Most board software is sold with self-service features, which enable administrators to accomplish their capabilities without having to spend a ton of period on it. If you want to add directors, upload materials, adapt license projects, or pull …

  6. steven225

    The Truth About Free VPNs


    The totally free VPNs can be advertised as the best option. In truth, they are certainly not. While some active supporters and workers and schools may claim to be the best VPNs, it is just a mistake to use these types of services. They are generally resource limited, which means …

  7. steven225

    Deciding on the best Document Management Program


    Choosing the right document management system to your company is known as a big decision. A DMS should give a paper trail of adjustments, and if required, it should enable you to go back to past variants or copies. It also must be easy to use, and it should be …

  8. danteb123

    Discussing Male Mental Health


    Hi everyone. I have to discuss an important topic with everyone. I have been researching how men are most likely to commit suicide because of society.

    What I mean by that is society has made it where if men talk about their feelings, then it will be looked at as …

  9. danteb123

    It’s been a while…


    Hi everyone! I hope that everyone is safe during this pandemic. A lot has happened since the last time I posted.

    To see my thoughts about this year so far, what have I been up to, and what am I doing now, then you can go to my website at …

  10. sanakhan24

    Final blog post


    And it all comes to an end…

    It was one heck of a semester I tell ya, not only was the most fun class of the semester but was probably the most interesting class i have taken as an elective throughout my college life.

    From the first assignment introduction till …

  11. humme

    Time Capsule of Digital Storytelling/ Final Blog


    It seems like yesterday that I was lost looking for room 4M03, now 4 months later, recapping all the lessons that I have learned to do. This class doesn’t feel like a class at all any of the assignment that was given it felt like I was solving a puzzle …

  12. humme

    Corona Virus Ruins 2020


    The Corona Virus, a virus that has taken so many lives by now and so many are holding on straws to live another day. It seriously changed everyone’s life. I mean I didn’t have a clue how dangerous this virus got until I heard about the first case in New …

  13. humme

    Panoramic Storytelling


    This feature has been available since the iPhone 5 yet so very little amount of people knows about it. The Panorama option, that lets you take horizontally or vertically elongated field of view photos, basically wide-view photos. the first time I remember taking a panoramic photo, it was at my …

  14. humme

    Story of My Reactions Via GIFs


    Me: I need to get into this CT 101 Class 
    CUNYFirst:  CT 101, Professor Ryan Seslow, the class is full.


    Me: “Trying harder to get into this class”And here I am!!!

    I was so glad that I was able to get into this class, that I forgot to look …

  15. rebecca26

    Final Blog Post! / Rebecca Carroscio


    When trying to figure out what classes to take for this semester, CT 101 was one that was recomended by a friend.  When I asked what we would be doing they said, “You pretty much make a website”.  It would be pretty accurate to say that I was slightly suspicious.…

  16. Antonia120

    Final Blog Post


    Ct 101 has been one of my favorite classes this semester. Despite waking up early in the morning and traveling almost two hours on the train every Thursday morning, I did enjoy the class. What I enjoyed about this class was learning new skills, for example, how to make gifs, …

  17. humme

    Digital Storytelling Possibilities

    Two Types of Transport

    These arts inspired me because they have a story in them, they show us the destruction created by the earthquake of 1906 and the present-day San Francisco. Back in 1906 taking a Photograph wasn’t as easy as pulling Your phone out and pressing the shutter button …

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