1. humme

    Panoramic Storytelling


    This feature has been available since the iPhone 5 yet so very little amount of people knows about it. The Panorama option, that lets you take horizontally or vertically elongated field of view photos, basically wide-view photos. the first time I remember taking a panoramic photo, it was at my …

  2. humme

    Story of My Reactions Via GIFs


    Me: I need to get into this CT 101 Class 
    CUNYFirst:  CT 101, Professor Ryan Seslow, the class is full.


    Me: “Trying harder to get into this class”And here I am!!!

    I was so glad that I was able to get into this class, that I forgot to look …

  3. rebecca26

    Final Blog Post! / Rebecca Carroscio


    When trying to figure out what classes to take for this semester, CT 101 was one that was recomended by a friend.  When I asked what we would be doing they said, “You pretty much make a website”.  It would be pretty accurate to say that I was slightly suspicious.…

  4. Antonia120

    Final Blog Post


    Ct 101 has been one of my favorite classes this semester. Despite waking up early in the morning and traveling almost two hours on the train every Thursday morning, I did enjoy the class. What I enjoyed about this class was learning new skills, for example, how to make gifs, …

  5. humme

    Digital Storytelling Possibilities

    Two Types of Transport

    These arts inspired me because they have a story in them, they show us the destruction created by the earthquake of 1906 and the present-day San Francisco. Back in 1906 taking a Photograph wasn’t as easy as pulling Your phone out and pressing the shutter button …

  6. jennyl

    CT101 Final Blog Post Jenny Lam


    Wow I can’t believe it, semester is ending. I really can’t take it all in. This semester has flew by.

    I truly loved this class. It was so much fun, although we had to switch online, it was still so much fun to make our own websites. I have never …

  7. Sifat

    Digital storytelling 101 — The Final Blog?


    Greetings Everyone,

    I hope you are feeling happy and healthy. My name is Sifat Syed, and unlike most of my classmates — I transferred from QCC with A.A.S. in Behavioral Science and Information Technology. I’m currently pursuing dual-degree @York in Behavioral Science (BA) and Communications Technology (BS). Therefore, my arrival …

  8. sanakhan24



    When i first walked into the class I felt as if I have walked into a class full of people speaking gibberish. Not knowing anything about technology and not wanting to know anything about it made it quite hard for me to adjust in the class….

    How ever that confusion …

  9. sanakhan24



    Are memes art?

    In my opinion anything that that helps one express their creativity is a form of art. Memes on many platform are defined as a cure of depression. This to me is on of the best way to describe memes . Its not only an innovative way of …

  10. SheilaWoods

    The Final Blog Post


    CT101 was an extremely refreshing and challening class. It became even more challenging once the pandemic started and students were forced to learn all these skills at home. Never in a millions years would I ever thought I’d be building my own website…from scratch!


    I missed the classroom vibe! …

  11. jennyl

    Panoramic storytelling Part 1


    A little late on posting but I just been so busy with work and just everything. I hope everyone is doing okay and safe.

    In class we learned how to do panoramic images on our phones. I thought it was super cool because I never knew you could do this …

  12. morgannekris

    We Made It! – The Last Blog Post


    My experience in CT101 was great. I enjoyed thinking outside of the box and trying to create something outside of the normal. Being a photographer I would always have pictures of my friends that I would save and make fun of them. I would never think to make a GIF …

  13. kgonzalez

    the last post


    well its over, my last semester of undergrad, and what a crazy one it has been! I remember going into my first CT 101 class and not sure what to expect. One of my classmates had mentioned that the class was good so I gave it a try. when we …

  14. hankang96

    CT101 Final Blog Post/ Hankook Kang

    Farewell, class

    This is my final blog post for CT101 and I just want to say how glad I am to have shared this experience with the professor and our classmates.

    CT101 has taught me how to use a lot of the tools I need for my field of work.…

  15. KenjuGibbs

    Final Blog post/Kenju Gibbs


    It is a bummer that this class ended with distance learning due to the pandemic, however, it was a great learning experience, I appreciate Professor Seslow to be able to provide helpful videos and tools for us to learn through social distancing at our own pace.

    This was one of …

  16. laylaabdallah

    CT101 Final Blog Post/ Layla Abdallah

    My Best Class


    Sadly, this is my last blog post in CT101, I will continue to create more blogs on my new website. Thank you Professor Ryan Seslow for helping us throughout. It is a challenging course because everything was new to me and I learned a lot. I …

  17. Priyankasingh

    Final Post-Priyanka

    From being in this class, I learned a better way of how to find shortcuts for certain topics that I thought would be difficult. The first day of CT 101 felt pretty cozy, it was a vibe that I felt when I walked in. It was a different setting from…
  18. rebecca26

    First Gif Post!


    I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for CT 101. I heard it was a great class but I was still a bit nervous.

    However, after hearing Professor Ryan explaining what the class was going to be about and how we were going to be using …

  19. slin

    Final Post


    I can honestly say that this was one of the most enjoyable courses I’ve taken, second only to my creative writing class; I was able to express myself in a similar way through writing my blog posts and, unexpectedly, with the help of gifs and memes.

    The last thing I …

  20. Mary.Ncity

    Final Blog Post For CT101



    Throughout this semester of being in CT101, I have learned various skills and techniques like making memes, gifs, a panoramic photo, as well as making my own website which is truly incredible thanks to Professor Ryan. Honestly, I have never thought I could make something as incredible as my …

  21. gpalit

    CT101 Final Blog Post / Gabriella Palit


    CT101 Final Blog Post / Gabriella Palit

    Taking CT101 never gets across my mind. However, my friend suggested we should take this class as electives. So, I just agreed.

    Well, if this class is not good I won’t even write this! So let’s be honest, This is probably one of …

  22. jgaudin

    Final Blog’s Post – Soccer is fun

    Final Post 

    This is my final blog post. I decided to talk about soccer in this final post. because ,this particular sport is such a passion for me. This post will teach you various topics about soccer. for instance, Who invented modern soccer? How soccer actually plays?Salaries? and so …

  23. Jsaintine

    Final Blog Post


    It was truly fun while it lasted. I have learned a whole lot in this class that I have not learned previously. There were many things I have learned this semester which in no particular order include making memes, Gifs, Blogs, Symbolic storytelling, and Website creation. Honestly making memes was …

  24. rebecca10

    So Long, Farewell…


    During the Spring semester of 2020, I had the opportunity to take Professor Ryan’s CT101 Digital Storytelling course. There were many obstacles faced throughout the class. From gifs and memes to photo shop and panorama. Even with all theses obstacles, I enjoyed this course to the fullest. One assignment that …

  25. wahida.exe

    Sad To See You Go / Wahida Chowdhury


    Hey again!

    Wow, this semester was WILD. I had a lot of fun in CT101 and learned a lot of new things from this class. The best part of this class is seeing how amazing all of this mundane way of communication is truly amazing. Like I never think about …

  26. sanakhan24

    Pano Story


    group assignment…. whyy?

    Even though i have always done pretty well in group work it is the most frustrating thing to me during class. I am always the one taking care of everything in a group activity and not when group mates choose to not do what they are required …

  27. sanakhan24

    Ms. Rona


    how am i feeling about proceeding in this class during A PANDEMIC.

    This semester has been a pretty hectic one out of my whole 4 years of college. All classes going online, which might not be the worst from some students but for students like me that get work done …

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