1. sanakhan24

    Final blog post


    And it all comes to an end…

    It was one heck of a semester I tell ya, not only was the most fun class of the semester but was probably the most interesting class i have taken as an elective throughout my college life.

    From the first assignment introduction till …

  2. sanakhan24



    When i first walked into the class I felt as if I have walked into a class full of people speaking gibberish. Not knowing anything about technology and not wanting to know anything about it made it quite hard for me to adjust in the class….

    How ever that confusion …

  3. sanakhan24



    Are memes art?

    In my opinion anything that that helps one express their creativity is a form of art. Memes on many platform are defined as a cure of depression. This to me is on of the best way to describe memes . Its not only an innovative way of …

  4. sanakhan24

    Pano Story


    group assignment…. whyy?

    Even though i have always done pretty well in group work it is the most frustrating thing to me during class. I am always the one taking care of everything in a group activity and not when group mates choose to not do what they are required …

  5. sanakhan24

    Ms. Rona


    how am i feeling about proceeding in this class during A PANDEMIC.

    This semester has been a pretty hectic one out of my whole 4 years of college. All classes going online, which might not be the worst from some students but for students like me that get work done …

  6. sanakhan24



    I’m a little late but ill catch up hopefully.

    Hi I am Sana, a psychology major senior. I came back from a one month “family vacation” trip from my country Pakistan, which means that I didn’t have any form of access to the internet what so ever… yea I know …

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