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    We’re almost there!


    I’m excited to see your group projects today! Show us what the future of storytelling could look like!!!!

    Here are the instructions for your final. They are on Friday at 12 AM!  This is a hard deadline as I am leaving town I will be doing grades on Saturday.

    Borrowing …

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    My Maps


    Here is the link to our custom: MY Maps


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    Some Things to Check Out


    I hope that everyone had a nice, little vacation. I know that I sure needed the break! We are moving on to interactive video. It is medium that has much possibility and potential in both fiction and non fiction. I’m posting many examples of videos. I also posted an interview …

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    Week 3 – Can you beleive it


    Just wanted to touch base. Please take the time to look at each others and write at least one review. This should be written on your blog but linked to the persons piece. Also don’t forget to let them know.

    If you don’t have a link yet shoot me an …

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    Looking forward to seeing everyone’s transmedia projects! I’ll be around tonight shoot me an email or tweet me if you have any questions.

    Work hard!!!! Be inspired!!! Have Fun!!! See you on time tomorrow!!!…

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    There’s a twist – Check the Challenge out!


    I can’t believe this our last class! By the end of today’s class I will need to have OKed all final projects Remember – Your Transmedia stories must successfully give your character an on line identity and contextualize her or him in the Megaflood story that has been unfolding. Presentation …

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    The Storm is Rageing – Who will hear you?


    Ok – The saga continues … babys are being born, cupcakes are being sold, rats are roaming, friends are lost. Who can you trust? Where are you DIgital Story tellers? Follow megastorm.us – (wordpress) Follow megastorm2019 on twitter. The official record is depending on your voice – tweet like hell …

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    Threads from our Boroughs

    Check out:  http://iloveyork.tumblr.com/

    And people continue to send plot updates – Manhattan we’re waiting on you.

    Read these plot summaries as you build out your characters and storlines and see if you incorporate or reference an element from another’s boroughs plots.

    Brooklyn KingDom

    After the Flood Warnings and the majority …

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    Operation King Rat and Homework


    Couple things from the laundry list.

    New York’s disaster story of the century has a new webpage that will be aggregating all your project related media through the use of URL tags to the page. The project url: is here Check out the site regularly for story updates and important …

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    Humor, Race and Mockumentaries


    I hope that you are all having a well deserved break and that you are taking advantage of the time to make up any work that you may have missed! I will be checking all your blogs within the next few days – so make sure they are looking awesome!…

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    Happy Editing and First Sunny Day


    Hello People –

    Very excited to see your mockumentaries! Please come to class on time so that we have enough time to see them all. Don’t forget to upload them to Youtube or Vimeo and embed them into your WP sites.

    Also, I understand that we got a late start …

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    sound scapes …


    Sorry, for leaving those “demo posts” up accidentally … I was demonstrating the difference between linking and embedding in Word Press.

    I was happy to hear some of your mash-ups and think that many of you have done a really good job! Maybe this project has created yet another generation …

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    Welcome to the Srt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Band


    Hello,  so much going on – so read this post carefully and don’t forget to have fun!

    As you are are aware we began the process of setting up our Word press sites (better late than never)!!!  Think of your site as your little corner of the internet and your …

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    Hello, Good to be back … and nice to see what you have been working on.

    Take a look at our new course tumblr site – Iloveyork.tumblr.com !!! Don’t forget to submit.

    A quick note … We should be getting our Word Press Sites next week and I’ll be giving …

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    Net Neutrality and Journeys.


    Hello Everyone,

    By the time you read this I will be on an Airplane to Berlin, Germany.

    Dwayne and Shakira,the TAs will be running the class today. Please feel free to contact me via email at any point and I will get back to you as soon as possible. It …

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    Digital Storytelling 2014-02-08 17:20:10



    Hello Everyone,

    By the time you read this I will be on an Airplane to Berlin, Germany.

    Dwayne and Shakira,the TAs will be running the class today. Please feel free to contact me via email at any point and I will get back to you as soon as possible. …

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