1. basedgalaxy93

    Life Changing Experience



    For this in class assignment, my group and I decided to show the life changing moment when an individual finds out she is pregnant. In this case, an even more life changing moment is told when a man finds out he is pregnant. How will he react? Will he …

  2. basedgalaxy93

    Monologue of a Household Tool


    It’s been so long since I have seen the light. When this house was being built I was used to twist and turn the bones of this home until they were sturdy. I was used to ensure this beautiful place would not collapse upon its inhabitants. Oh! How I miss …

  3. basedgalaxy93

    10 Seconds of Thanks!!!

    I am thankful for my family I am thankful for my friends I am thankful for the opportunities I have in my life I am thankful for the food I am fed everyday I am thankful for my education I am thankful for the love I am given.…
  4. munstruck

    dog – baby !!!


    This assignment was  a group project to use two picture and make it to on picture. My group was able to accomplish a picture of a baby having a dog head .. It’s tooo funny .

    In the group : Abby, Rodney, and Benzel…

  5. jocelynsosa1

    Sports Montage


    I am not the biggest sports fan, If I ver watch a sports game its usually because my brother puts it on. But baseball is my favorite sport and one of my favorite baseballs teams are the Yankees. Call it cheesy and typical but they are a great team…maybe not …

  6. jocelynsosa1

    Project 21 and Over


    This is my movie trailer. I called it Project 21 and Over, I used the trailers for Project X and 21 and Over. The song I used is Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi (Steve Aoki remix). I chose Project X because it is one of my movies and to …

  7. clever_hands

    One Man Band…sorta


    “Multiply Yourself” Design Bin/Five Stars

    The camera that I used for these photos was fairly low quality so these were not as crispy as I would have liked them to have been.  That said, I enjoyed posing for each of these with the help of my roommate.  Putting them together …

  8. clever_hands

    My gif


    Get it together, Thor!

         This was really fun to work on.  After learning that you can type “ss” before any URL my search for a cool clip to make a gif out of was simplified in which case I showed the blooper version of one of the most iconic scenes …

  9. elevatorbingo

    House Keeping


    Hello All,

    Please complete another 10 stars from the audio assignments. Also groups should each send me an mp3 or a wav of their 36 seconds folio sound designs and I will string them together on a track to correspond for the Three Stooges video clip.  My email is chloe …

  10. hospital









    This is a picture i took at a concert I went to February of this year. The picture is of the singer of the band letlive. at a show they played on long island. The lyric is from their song Younger off their latest …

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