1. 6002



    My proposal for the final transmedia project is creating an alternate reality where Bruce Wayne and Rachael Dawes end up together. I will be making several twitters to document Bruce and Rachael’s journey through their relationship. There will also be a video which will consist of compiled footage of the …

  2. 6002

    Mash Up


    Decided to do a remix of some of my favorite songs. I used the instrumental of Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 for the base and the vocals from Make Love by Big Bang. The tempo of the vocals blended with the instrumental and the results mash up came out …

  3. 6002

    10 Steps


    I was out in Long Island today and decided it was a good time to do the 10 step assignment. The location was a vast garden and I got a chance to walk around the entire garden taking pictures. I took 10 steps in various directions and took a picture …

  4. 6002

    Dream Car


    The Lamborghini Aventador is my dream car. The Aventador makes me feel successful. The car cost around $500,000 and you wouldn’t be able to purchase it if you weren’t financially stable and more. The Aventador makes a statement about yourself and where you are in life. The design of the …

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