1. hospital

    Song Title Poem






    The most time-consuming part of this project was going through mind tire I tuned
    playlist. I didn’t get to get through the whole thing really I only got up to
    the “B”‘s I believe. This assignment was more knowing about The songs you have
    in your …

  2. hospital

    4 lines 5dots 1 curve


    This assignment wasn’t hard. It was cool to see what the picture would become because is didn’t have a picture of what I wanted it to be in my head.


  3. hospital

    Project Proposal


    A new planet was found that can sustain human life. It is not big enough to hold everyone so the people in charge  of choosing who goes to this planet are holding information seminars all over the world. I will create a facebook page, make flyers for the seminars, and …

  4. hospital









    This is a picture i took at a concert I went to February of this year. The picture is of the singer of the band letlive. at a show they played on long island. The lyric is from their song Younger off their latest …

  5. hospital



    This is a mix between a dolphin and a shark. it wasn’t that hard to do once I founf the right brush to use. after that i just started blending the seam where i layered the shark head over the dolphin.…

  6. hospital

    my hand


    This took forever to do. Trying to layer every picture so that it makes sense was very time comsuming and hard.…

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