1. stylezbyme



    Hey! It’s Kammii

    A York college Communications Technology Major,Future Print ad model and Television Production Assistant.…

  2. munstruck

    Fashion Night Out cancel in NYC. No bueno!!!


    Yes ladies and gentlemen, Fashion Night out was cancel this year for New Yorkers, Ouch!!!

    As a fashion designer, Fashion night out is the perfect time to go out and show the public what is fashion ALL about to you. Celebrating  the opening runway show  for fashion week was taken …

  3. munstruck

    the internet in the NEXT 20 years!!!!


    I think the  internet in the next 20 years, will be  more need able to society to live our  daily routine. Hearing the podcast,  I believe the social media, journalism, security and privacy, will play different parts in society. Social media and journalism will be more useful toward connecting with …

  4. elevatorbingo

    Hello World – are we up and running???


    I really enjoyed meeting everyone and am looking forward to working with everyone this coming up semester.

    So, to start off I thought I would write out some of the instructions to insure that everyones WordPress sites are live. I will also be giving a few instructions about designing your …

  5. clever_hands

    Why “Clever Hands”?


    When I was in high school during one of my english classes we were assigned the Shawshank Redemption by Steven King.  In one of the early chapters the main character meets Red and describes him as having “clever hands”.  Being the immature teens that we were, we laughed and wondered …

York College CT101 (Fall 2013)

This class is being taught by Chloe Smolarski-- "We're riding the DS106 wave for our fifth straight semester here at York College/CUNY, Queens, NY. All art, all love.". See also the class site

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