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    Final Portfolios



    We made it to the final week of classes!  I hope this finds you and your families well!!

    This week we continue to check in on the presentations of our classmates and send me the final portfolio.

    Here is what I would like you to send:  old copy of …

  2. travisj

    Nice work on your interviews!


    Please have a look at what your classmates are doing. I have enjoyed the creative way you have presented your interviews and the wisdom they contain!

    Just a word about handing in your portfolio: feel free to email me your docs.  Please send them as Word docs, so I can …

  3. travisj

    Working on Interview and Portfolio


    Hi Everyone,

    I hope you had a peaceful holiday weekend!

    I’ll put folders into Blackboard, and then I ask that you watch, read, view, or participate in any fashion designed by our presenters.  Please let them know what you found interesting and helpful.

    Here is the order of presentations:

    Friday …

  4. travisj

    Tuesday’s BB class


    Hi All,

    I hope this finds you well!

    I’ve put up a video that talks about the remainder of the semester. It is in the content area of the course. Please watch it when you are able.

    Tuesday we are going to revise a piece of writing for our portfolio …

  5. travisj

    Tuesday on Blackboard


    Hi Everyone,

    Today we are on our Blackboard site formulating some shared questions we can ask our interview subject.

    Please check there for your group and respond and share ideas when you can.

    We have deadlines, but I do understand that we are all dealing with a lot right now, …

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    English Studies in the Digital Age 2020-03-27 04:16:51


    I hope you are doing ok considering the circumstances!

    For today’s class (Friday, March 27), please post up information about your interviewee on your blog.  How will you conduct the interview? Is it scheduled?  If you haven’t looked at our revised syllabus, please do so.  It shows you when the …

  7. travisj

    Class on Blackboard Tomorrow and other announcements


    Tomorrow (Tuesday 3/24) we will work in our groups and share a revised piece of writing: your op ed, resume, or cover letter.

    Please respond to your group members (at least 2), with 1. something you like 2. a question or suggestion

    Please also check our syllabus on our website …

  8. travisj

    Friday’s blog posts (on your own blog)


    For tomorrow, everyone should do two things: 

     1. do a bit of research on corporate writing.  What is it, who does it, and what kind of examples can you share?  Pick a company, explore their website and/or other materials they may post online, and share some ideas about the kinds …

  9. travisj

    Assignment on BB today


    Please check Blackboard for your assignment today.

    We will be workshopping our Op Ed pieces with our groups (groups posted on BB).

    I will be posting up a short video with instructions and discussion about Friday’s work by Friday morning.

    Please continue to consult the syllabus on our website.  The …

  10. travisj

    Op Ed Guidance


    An op-ed, or opinion editorial, is a narrative essay that presents the writer’s opinion or thoughts about an issue. Op-eds can raise awareness about a particular topic or aim to persuade others, and can substantiate the writer as an expert on a subject.

    Op-eds are most commonly published in daily …

  11. travisj

    Op Ed pieces


    For your blog post on Friday we are going to begin work on Opinion pieces.  What are they? Typically or traditionally, they are the opinion pages of newspapers, where people give their ideas about a specific, often current, topic.  But, you can find opinion pieces all over the web: Slate, …

  12. travisj

    Class Canceled tomorrow (3/10)!


    Please be sure to read the university announcement about the suspensions of classes until late March.

    I will email your blog evaluations.

    We will continue online with our blogs on Fridays, and I will set up our BlackBoard site so we can hold discussions online on Tuesdays.

    Please check back …

  13. travisj

    Due Today (Friday)

    Your interview subject–who and why… Some draft interview questions A post analyzing your social media presence: what do you find online about yourself?  What presentation might you be making to a future employer?

    We also have a former student coming to class after break.  Please think about what questions you …

  14. travisj

    Reminder–Due Friday

    Post Cover letter for a job that you found that appeals to you. Blog post on digital literacies. Check out Purdue Owl on cover letters. Have a great weekend!



  15. travisj



    Rewarding & Enjoyable Summer Teaching Jobs

    Teach Reading Classes to Students of All Ages

    Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2020

    The Institute of Reading Development offers summer reading skills programs in partnership with the continuing education departments of more than 100 colleges and universities nationwide. Since 1970, the Institute’s teachers …

  16. travisj

    Resumes for Today and Tuesday


    Please note that you may leave off any personal information on your resume (address, phone number).  This is sensitive information, and you are not required to share it with the class or public on your blogs!

    Have a great weekend, and I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday!…

  17. travisj



    For Friday:

    Build your website ad send me the URL.  Read the Designing your life handout, and do the work/life reflection.

    Follow my blog :-)

    For Tuesday: review the readings for the start of the term, and come prepared to share your thoughts about the reflection assignment.

    Email me with …

  18. travisj



    I am looking forward to meeting everyone on Tuesday!  Please look over the syllabus and do the readings/viewings in the syllabus/resources for writing with money tab.

    We’ll discuss these on Tuesday in class: B-40 English Department conference room.

    Have a great weekend and email me with any questions.…

  19. travisj

    Presentations Begin Tomorrow


    Please come prepared to load your presentation to our class podium (April 29th presenters).

    Everyone else, please come prepared to ask some good questions that will help your classmates refine their work!


English Studies in the Digital Age (St Johns U, Spring 2014)

This class is being taught by Jennifer Travis. The course investigates how digital technologies impact the way we read, study, and understand literature and is inspired by the following questions: What happens to literature and “the literary” in an age of digital technology? How are modern technological innovations like the computer and e-reader reshaping our understanding of texts and their writers, readers, and interpreters? What is digital literature and how do we contextualize it within a history of literature and literary aesthetic?

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