1. kc90ds106

    Childhood Allergies’ Connection to Developmental-Behavioral Conditions


    Children who become easily agitated or aggressive, display symptoms of hyperactivity, struggle with self-regulation, appear distracted or exhibit learning difficulties may have developmental or behavioral conditions, such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, these symptoms aren’t only signs of a developmental-behavioral health issue.

  2. kc90ds106

    National Rainbow Baby Day: Honoring pregnancy loss


    Today marks National Rainbow Baby Day, which takes place annually on Aug. 22 in recognition of babies born after the loss of another child from miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or other infant death. The day signifies hope and healing, giving parents who have experienced the sorrow of losing a child …

  3. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Broken Promises for Affordable Housing


    Williamsburg- Greenpoint residents, elected officials and city-wide housing activists gathered at the East River water front on May 22 to call out Mayor Bloomberg for guaranteeing 3,500 affordable housing units back in 2005 and not living up to the promise.

    members of MAD rallying to condemn Mayor Bloomberg’s “broken promises” …

  4. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Children Rally For NYC Libraries


    Local council members, activists and children rallied on the steps of city hall on May 22 during a press conference demanding that Mayor Bloomberg restore the proposed $106 million budget cuts to libraries throughout New York City.

    Banner created in support of NYC libraries

    Council members Jimmy Van Bramer and …

  5. Raymond Mora

    Trade Fair Supermarkets Above The Law


    The Trade Fair Supermarkets are now in the works of violating labor laws against the union workers. These union workers were subject to harassment, intimidation and threats of termination. It has violated their rights and on Friday, May 17th a rally has begun in Jackson Heights.


    This rally has …

  6. Raymond Mora

    The Underworld of Globalization


    In John Jay’s College of Criminal Justice, there was a speaker discussing the topic on “Borders, Law Enforcement and the Underworld of Globalization.” The speaker was Alan Bersin who was a former commissioner of U.S Customs and Border Protection. Now he is assistant secretary of international affairs and chief diplomatic …

  7. Raymond Mora

    Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame


    The Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame was established in Foley’s Ny Pub & Restaurant. It has names of players, managers and journalist of Irish descent into this type of Hall of Fame. They were recognized based on impact of the game, popularity on and off the field along with …

  8. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Angelight Films Third Annual Fundraiser


    Angelight Films held their Third Annual Fundraiser on May 1st in Manhattan where children with brain and spinal tumors had the opportunity to present their own short films.

    Angelight Films Founder, Stephanie Angel, and three of the children involved with creating the short films.

    The founder of Angelight Films, Stephanie …

  9. Raymond Mora

    Stanley Cup Event in Madison Square Park


    As the NHL Playoffs are approaching, in Madison Square Park there was an event hosted by NBC Sports. It was organized by Howard Cannon and there were a lot of fans at this event. In this event they were giving out cupcakes and it was about giving back to those …

  10. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Children’s Center Research in Moldova


    Social work major Irene Hanna discussed her experience while visiting a children’s center in the Republic of Moldova during York College’s Student Research Day on Apr. 18.

    Irene Hanna discussing her research in the Republic of Moldova
    Photo Credit: Alfredo Jeff

    Hanna traveled to Moldova, along with three other students …

  11. Raymond Mora

    Students Research on Video Games


    There were three students that were in the Art and Sound of Video Games class doing research on video games. The students are Jonathan Serneo, Kimmy Sarmiento and Adebayo Fayemi. Each of them presented their perspective on video games based on their research.

    Jonathan Serneo was the first presenter and …

  12. Raymond Mora

    Yankees vs Diamondbacks Slideshow


    On Thursday evening there was a Yankee game in the Bronx. It was against the Diamond Backs on flower seed packet day. There was deal of 5 dollar tickets that day so a lot of people were at attendance. It was a good game all the way through the 8th …

  13. yaz

    Major Development Projects in Queens, NY

    Major Projects in Queens  Source and photo credits: The Office of Economic Development (Queens Borough)   161st Street Mixed-Use Development

    Mixed-use project, including 101 residential rental units, 5,750 SF of commercial office space and 4,100 SF of ground floor retail.  





      Delta Airlines JFK Airport Terminal

  14. Ting Li

    Catamount Ski Area


    The website I want to be looked alike is http://www.catamountski.com/, we can use mappoint.com located the address as

    3290 State HWY 23
    Hillsdale NY 12529

    I want to work over there because I always been interested in nature and ski, I have never been a place like this and that …

  15. Raymond Mora

    Mike Rice fired from Rutgers


    Mike Rice, head coach of the basketball team for Rutgers University, was fired based on his behavior toward the team. It was during the practice that he was abusing them and calling them out with foul language as reported by ESPN. But this incident has impact the way coaches are …

  16. Raymond Mora

    Todd Maisel Event


    Photography is one of those skills that most people can learn from. Some like to take photos for memories, while others would want to take it for purpose. Todd Maisel, a staff photographer that works for the Daily News came on March 21. He went to NYU and got his …

  17. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Young Mom of the Week


    Week of March 18th

    Meet Ingris Diaz! A 21-year-old mother from Long Island, NY who juggles school, work and a 5-year-old daughter named Natalie.

    Ingris hugging 5-year-old Natalie

    Ingris had Natalie at age 16, and found it extremely difficult to take on all the responsibilities of motherhood. Luckily for Ingris, …