1. yaz

    Queens Businesses can still sell large sodas

      New York State Supreme Court invalidated a NYC possible ban on large soft drinks by saying that major Bloomberg‘s proposal to restrict sugary sodas larger than 16 ounces was arbitrary and capricious.  Last September Bloomberg’s proposal was approved by the NYC board of Health. Bloomberg argued that the ban would prevent obesity and promote ...
  2. yaz

    First Two Residential Buildings on Queens Waterfront

    “After years of planning and partnership, we’re breaking ground on the first large-scale middle-class development to be built in our city in more than three and a half decades,”Mayor Bloomberg said. The Hunter’s Point South waterfront, one the most affected New York City’s coastline by Hurricane Sandy, will have the largest housing complex in the ...
  3. yaz

    Online Journalism

    I will be covering local news in Queens, N.Y., regarding small business and economic development. My stories will be about upcoming business events and help for business improvement, community involvement, community boards, and real state development.
  4. Raymond Mora

    End of Semester

    Finally I finish my semester after the aftermath of Christmas because of the extended week of school. I feel that i messed up on the speech final and that i should have done better i exceed well in the class. … Continue reading
  5. yaz


      In this final project, I combined two videos —using i movie. The first video was a subway ride and the second was about “The No Pants Subway Ridethat is an annual event staged by Improv Everywhere every January in … Continue reading
  6. ericataveras

    Class Wrap-Up

    This semester in my CT 101 (DS106) class was a great experience. When I first started in this class, the idea of making my own website seem like way too much work and I wanted to drop the class. But, … Continue reading
  7. Jean Bruno

    Final Project for DS106

    I wanted to base my final project based on the things I’ve seen recently that have urked me. I originally planned to do some philosophical podcast and hijack ds106. But in reality I don’t know, I really have a hard time looking up to anyone. So, in my frustrated state I’ve decided to create a ...
  8. mcalexander

    Strangers in School

    @import url("http://blog.mcalexanderscphotography.com/wp-content/plugins/flash-album-gallery/admin/css/flagallery_nocrawler.css"); @import url("http://blog.mcalexanderscphotography.com/wp-content/plugins/flash-album-gallery/admin/css/flagallery_nofla...
  9. delveee

    Super cut

    Super cuts are clips of videos that have something in common. We got a chance to make our own supercuts and I decided to  do awkward moments in movies. In imovie I made my first super cut. Its not the greatest but I am … Continue reading

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