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Op-ed Page on the Knicks-Heat game

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The subject of this story is a basketball game in the world’s most famous arena. It was followed from this link from the New York Times on the Knicks and Heat game This article captures my attention of what I want to do with my blog. It was about the Knicks and Heat for the third time and the Knicks blow a 15 point lead and loss 99-93. It felt like the writer of this piece was descriptive and had good facts being presented. It was descriptive because of how it had quotes and box scores from each team. There were moments in the article where it made me think of how I want to write a story like this when I get the chance to go to basketball games and events in Madison Square Garden.

This writer describes the game well since he was watching the game and understands what is happening during the game. That is something similar to what I want to do in my blog and i want to include pictures from where I am sitting at in the game. It was interesting to me because it was one of the biggest games this season and I am a Knicks fan that hopes to see a champion this year or in the next 2 years on a 3 year plan.

This game was so close when it was in the third quarter and into the fourth quarter became a competitive game. I felt like there were calls that the Knicks should have gotten in the fourth quarter and the referees were being favor on the heat side. It can be said that because they are the NBA Champions they can get away from calls, but that’s not fair unless it goes both sides. When this game was over there was a feeling that the Heat are back and the Knicks are not going to compete with them. But based on this game it feels like this is going to be a 7 game series and that with their motivation and focus the Knicks have a chance even if it’s against the best player in the world.

It’s always about matchups for any team in the playoffs. Lebron James is a mismatch to anyone because of his size and speed along with intelligence. But the Knicks have Carmelo Anthony and his superstar ability to score on anyone including Lebron James. These two have met each other since high school and they been even they face each other. The playoffs are different and anything can happen when teams make adjustments. The season is almost ending and from the look of this game, it feels like they might meet each other in the playoffs and if they meet in the Eastern Conference Finals, then it will be a great series. Even if the Miami Heat is favor to win it all again, the Knicks are built to beat this team and are ready for any challenges in the playoffs.

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