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Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame

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The Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame was established in Foley’s Ny Pub & Restaurant. It has names of players, managers and journalist of Irish descent into this type of Hall of Fame. They were recognized based on impact of the game, popularity on and off the field along with connections to the Irish community. There were 5 names that were inductee in this years Hall of Fame in 2013.

The 5 names were Rusty Staub, Joe McEwing, Peter O Malley, Bill Madden and Dan Shaughnessy. Rusty Staub was a former member of the Mets in 1973 NL Championship team. Joe McEwing, who was also a Met on the 2000 NL Championship team, is now a third base coach for the White Sox. Peter O Malley is the owner of LA Dodgers and was a president before when the team won the World Series in 1981.

Bill Madden is an award-winning Daily news writer who covered 30 World Series in his time and Dan Shaughnessy who is a columnist for the Boston Globe didn’t show up but his son was there and exchange some words about this event.

The 5 inductee into the Hall of Fame

The 5 inductee into the Hall of Fame

Sam Shaughnessy, the son of Dan Shaughnessy said “It’s a great honor to be here on this induction to the Hall of Fame. My dad would be here if the Knicks extended the series with the Celtics but they lost.  My dad would be happy because of all of the players and journalist that are Irish descent.” He along with others explained how it is to be in this Hall of Fame especially when David Wright was there as well.

David Wright in the picture

David Wright in the picture

Out of all the tears and emotion in this event, Irish Baseball Hall of Fame is famous for its players in any sport along with journalists that won awards. It is also well represented in one of the best sports bars in America and its growth is based on Irish descent sport or media figures that make an impact in the community.

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