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Trade Fair Supermarkets Above The Law

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The Trade Fair Supermarkets are now in the works of violating labor laws against the union workers. These union workers were subject to harassment, intimidation and threats of termination. It has violated their rights and on Friday, May 17th a rally has begun in Jackson Heights.

Trade Fair Labor Union 005


This rally has shown a lot of passion and emotion to what they were expressing when working for Trade Fair. There was a lockout that began on March 13th and it has been a long process since these workers were on strike. A New York State Senator who is in charge around this area has support for this problem being addressed.

New York State Senator Jose Peralta, who is also running for Queens Borough President was in this rally. He was describing what he wants to do for the workers on this lockout. “It’s about sending a message to Trade Fair and getting back to the negotiations table and thus ending the lockout,” said Peralta. “End the lockout and bring the people back into their previous position in terms of the hours they were working at instead of bring them back on a part-time basis.”

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Peralta also said by support them in the public and reaching out Trade Fair to understand what the workers want. This is half of what the plan is and the other half goes into the UFCW Local 342 group. The group is supporting the union workers and one of them wants this to be a process that is well done.

Ed Leche describes his goals and what is need to be done in order for this to be successful. “We have various charges with the labor board and thus by support them in the rally is another step in our plan. I believe we are heavily favor with the charges and it’s not right with what they are doing,” said Leche. “They are doing different positions without training and that is not the American way. Its our job to get these workers back to their previous position and to have justice. These managers and leaders are involved in this problem and whether it is racism or not it’s a crime.”

The plan is in set and only time will tell when it will end, but its far from being over for these workers that want to have fairness.

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