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    Childhood Allergies’ Connection to Developmental-Behavioral Conditions


    Children who become easily agitated or aggressive, display symptoms of hyperactivity, struggle with self-regulation, appear distracted or exhibit learning difficulties may have developmental or behavioral conditions, such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, these symptoms aren’t only signs of a developmental-behavioral health issue.

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    National Rainbow Baby Day: Honoring pregnancy loss


    Today marks National Rainbow Baby Day, which takes place annually on Aug. 22 in recognition of babies born after the loss of another child from miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or other infant death. The day signifies hope and healing, giving parents who have experienced the sorrow of losing a child …

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    Class Wrap-Up


    Storytelling means alot more to me now. Considering how much one can learn from it. During this course I gained a better understanding of what intrigues me. My interest for computer graphic design has grown more than I would have known. I think my best work on an assignment was …

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    Final Project Idea


    For the final project in class I have a basic idea. Throughout the semester my favorite activity was movie mashups also the animated gif. So the idea I came up with was to incorporate a video that combines two of those aspects into one. For example, I will use the …

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    Jim Groom’s Reflection


    After watching Jim’s video about the modern era’s change in technology I couldn’t agree with him more. In this day and age everything we do is put onto the internet. We make a name for ourselves through the web. All of our actions can be documented on social media and …

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    One Movie Watches Another


    The purpose of this assignment was to combine two movie scenes in which one scene looks as if it is watching the other movie scene. After completing the project it came out pretty realistic as if she was watching the movie. The two movies I chose were from Saving Private …

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    Lifechanging Movie Scenes


    For this assignment we had to collect a few movie scenes that made a real impact on our lives. It could’ve been any type of emotion. To do this project I downloaded some clips from YouTube. I used the program windows movie maker to connect the scene and add my …

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    Movie Supercut It “Breaking Glass”


    This class assignment was to create a short movie supercut about movies scenes which has a certain connection. It could be any connection such as a rain scene or slow motion scene or laughing. For my supercut I chose to use scenes where the actors/actresses smash through glass. Most movie …

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    Movie Voice Machine – Arnold


    For this assignment we had to create a voicemail for a celebrity. This assignment is found in the Audio Assignments for the ds106 site. I chose to impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger as my celeb and honestly it was difficult to not sound caribbean although his Austrian accent resembles it. It was …

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    We’ve Found Your Match



    In this visual assignment it was our task to take a picture of someone close to us and put them next to their celebrity look alike. My brother just happens to look similar to Ty Diggs. He always hates this comparison so it will be quite the laugh when …

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    Troll Quotes


    For my troll quotes I first chose to use the famous picture from the movie 300. After that I followed up with a quote from “The Gladiator” when Russell Crowe said “What we do in life echoes an eternity”. Then to finish up the assignment I attributed the quote and …

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    Emily’s Laughter.




    This was a miniature article making Emily have a twisted sense of humor. This assignment was pretty straight forward. You simply just needed a marker to blacken words from a newspaper article and create a new story with the words that are left unblackened.


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    Tired of His Surroundings


    Story line:

    Brad has had a change of heart. He has grown tired of his lifestyle. Day after day he becomes more and more annoyed with how things are. From days of coming home to disgusting tasting food or days when he would slip down the stairs because of the …

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    Dodge This Animated Gif



    For this assignment we had to create an animated GIF. To get this done I followed directions on the process of creating one from my professor’s video instructions. First we had to download the clip from Youtube, whichever clip it was whether its a cartoon or movie. Then using …

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    Daily Create Week 3


    Yet another week of daily creates to complete. This week we also had to choose three assignments. For the first assignment I chose to take a picture showing wide open space. Personally I enjoyed this task because it related to something I’m fond of doing which is taking in scenic …

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    Daily Create Assignment Summary


    This week we had to complete 3 daily create assignments. For the one’s that I chose, it required taking pictures and recording a video. After completing the assignments we had to post them up and include certain tags for whichever asssigment we did. I found the most interesting one was …

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