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Mike Rice fired from Rutgers

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Mike Rice, head coach of the basketball team for Rutgers University, was fired based on his behavior toward the team. It was during the practice that he was abusing them and calling them out with foul language as reported by ESPN. But this incident has impact the way coaches are back then and now. Back then coaches such as Bob Knight, who was a former coach for Indiana University, would be screaming at players in practice because the players didn’t listen to the proper instructions that the coach want them to do. They use the term “old school” because it was tough love for the players that play sports. It has changed over time and other basketball coaches have different reactions to the video of Mike Rice in practice.

Coach Ronald St John, head coach of the basketball team for York College, felt as if he has crossed the line. “It was a thin line and he crossed the line when he was cursing out using homophobic slurs and putting his hands on a player,” said St John. I allow the verbal language for frustration, but it has to have some positive influence in it and throwing a basketball at a person is wrong.”

He also felt that the parents will not accept that and would probably want an explanation from this type of behavior toward the kids. Jessica Cherry, assistant head coach of the team said, “Its unacceptable and their might be yelling but it is also going over board. To make them feel sad and injury is just plain wrong”. Both of these coaches understand when there is a line to not cross and to always treat the players with respect. There is a certain way of motivating the players without touching them. Mike Rice will be looking for a job elsewhere, but it won’t be as a head coach.


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