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Todd Maisel Event

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Photography is one of those skills that most people can learn from. Some like to take photos for memories, while others would want to take it for purpose. Todd Maisel, a staff photographer that works for the Daily News came on March 21. He went to NYU and got his bachelor degree in Journalism. Todd has been doing photography for 30 years.

Maisel went into depth on understanding photos and what they mean to him and to others that see it. When he starts with the tragedy on September 9, 2001, the photos were sad and emotional for anyone that looks at them. I was in shock of the photos he presented based on the terrorist attack in the city. Maisel described his feelings on that day. He said, “9/11 has affected me till this day. I experience post-trauma stress covering 9/11. We all had nightmares and people kept telling me I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep.”

He expressed his feelings toward the photos that he taken. Maisel said, “These pictures gave me purpose and meaning for me to be a photographer. Finding somebody alive really made my day on the disaster.” When he was describing most of the photos, he also explained why people should remember this moment. “Don’t forget it because there were lives lost on 9/11,” said Maisel.

While he was describing these photos, his other works were remarkable and appealing. The Hurricane Sandy photos were on point and interesting to see. His photos were sections of the city being flooded and where the people were being seen. Some of them were in stores and other places that they shouldn’t have been. His other works were also interesting as they were across the city.

Todd Maisel explaining his photos.

Todd Maisel explaining his photos.

When ask about what students should do to be a photographer, he said “Get internships, do local newspapers and blogs”. Maisel also said the prices of cameras are going down in some stores and it’s important to pick the right type of camera. Some cameras are waterproof to the rain, while other cameras can get destroyed or dysfunctional due to the type of weather.

Maisel was also talking about the life of a photographer and how it is everyday. He was describing it as part of a routine. He wants everyone to understand how the person should be when it comes to being a photographer. “There are some routines on an everyday basis, but to be a photographer you have to feel it and be professional about it,” said Maisel.

Maisel standing still

Maisel standing still

This pretty much sums up the amount of work and dedication it takes to become a photographer. It can be hard and somewhat emotional at times based on the event. The most important component for any photographer is to take the picture that has meaning to you and to others that look at it and understand it’s purpose.

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