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  1. Ting Li

    Catamount Ski Area

    The website I want to be looked alike is, we can use located the address as 3290 State HWY 23 Hillsdale NY 12529 I want to work over there because I always been interested in nature and ski, I have never been a place like this and that sounds exciting for me.  This site […]
  2. Ting Li


    This is what I made for DS106 class Your Favorite Favorites from downloading music videos from youtube then use MPEG Streamclip to export audio then edit it in Audacity, these two both Chinese songs, one is from mainland China another one from Taiwan.  I use sound flower to upload it somehow it doesnt work, ...
  3. Ting Li


    This is the ink assignment of tattoo, I used color, typography and symbols in this art work.  I made it looks like this because I think love is a belief, if you trust it is there then it never left. I never thought about the idea of design your own tattoo, if one day I ...
  4. Ting Li

    Save as Desktop Wallpaper

    This is the wallpaper I made for DS 106 called love rain <3, I like this project because I really enjoy this drama, it makes me remember the feeling of first love, something we all forgot!
  5. Ting Li

    The Ultimate Merger

    This is the ultimate merger I made for DS 106, this is what I want to think it was, lol.  After I came over to New York City, and I have been looking for Walmart everywhere.  The end I settle down with Target.
  6. Ting Li

    Narrative Ambiance

    narrative Ambiance This is what I made for ds 106 Narrative Ambiance. I took the video on the bus when I am going home, and I find this poem by
  7. Ting Li

    Creat a mascot

    This is my mascot made for ds 106 creat a mascot!  Basically, I like simple design, I would name it two sides of thinking, just like AT&T said “rethink possible”, I think if we not just use our brain according to the rules like a square, we can round up by another side of us ...
  8. Ting Li

    From Light to Dark

    This is what I made for Ds 106 From Light to Dark, this is the photo I took by myself on the way back from Memphis, TN.  I did not want to go there by my poor used car, but my parents insisted to make me go over just to make sure that my studnet ...
  9. Ting Li

    Creative Collage

    This is what I made for ds 106 creative collage.  This is the calender I bought from BJ’s, somehow I always shopping there.  I think it is universal, so that I can use it any day, any month and any year.
  10. Ting Li


      I made this for ds 106 make up your pet.  This is my cat Zena when she was one month old, she was such a cute kitty.  I bought her from one pet store close to Walmart, they call that place wally world though.  The photo was shot inside my apartment that I rent ...
  11. Ting Li


    this is the picture I made for ds 106 winterize it!  This photo was taken by another chinese student, she took the photo while we were celebriting this guy’s roommate which is a chinese guy in a Mexico resturant.  I … Continue reading
  12. Ting Li

    Wiggle Stereoscopy

    this is the first Wiggle Stereoscopy I made for the ds106 wiggle stereoscopy assignment.  I used two photos of her from my mother’s camera, she is almost 11 month old now, still survives on formula!  

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