1. Keith Kilmer

    1st Day of School

    Today was my first day of school.  Well it was technically.  Today was just the superintendent meeting and faculty meetings.  I am exhausted mentally from the information overload.  All the other teachers tell me that it is what they hear all the time so it is nothing new, but to a noob like myself, it […]
  2. Keith Kilmer

    Week of the 11th -17th – Part III

    Fishing at Aqua Terra – May 17th Our second stop to our local fishing hole.  Just Nicole, Charz, and Me! It was another great time fishing with the family. Ya But Arms and Tricep kickbacks The beginning of my workout journal.  I am keeping track of my daily workout routine to see how well my […]
  3. Keith Kilmer

    The Week of May 11th – 17th

    Fishing on the Susquehanna River This page chronicles my family’s fishing trip for Walleye.  We catch some great memories on the river. Hiking Salt Springs State Park For Mother’s Day our family braved the beautifully scenic hiking trails at Salt Springs.
  4. Keith Kilmer

    Week of April 28th – May 3rd

    Fishing Journal: Fair Haven Beach State Park I wrote a short review of the campsite we stayed at over the weekend of April 25th – 27th.  Fair Haven Beach State Park provides a wonderful camping experience even in the off-season. Genegantslet Creek Our fishing trips continue with a stop to the Genegantslet Creek in Smithville […]
  5. Keith Kilmer

    Week of April 28th – May 3rd

    Fishing Journal: Fair Haven Beach State Park I wrote a short review of the campsite we stayed at over the weekend of April 25th – 27th.  Fair Haven Beach State Park provides a wonderful camping experience even in the off-season.
  6. Keith Kilmer

    LerdFingolly The Crusader

      LerdFingolly is my favorite toon to play. I created him after I leveled Fingolfin to 70 (the highest level at the time).  He was way easier to level than a melee toon.  The pet made survivability easier and repair bills less. As with all my toons, I am no expert nor elitist, but I […]
  7. Keith Kilmer

    Aqua-Terra – April 12, 2014

    With the coming of the wonderful spring weather at the beginning of spring break, my family ventured to our traditional first fishing spot.  This isn’t a spot for the die-hard fisherman to flock to in the early spring, but rather a family friendly county park where even the smallest fisherman can try their luck in […]
  8. Keith Kilmer

    How does Denver’s #1 Offense Up Against Seattle’s #1 Defense ?

     Comparing the Teams The last few days I have been going over the numbers to determine which team has the real advantage in Superbowl XLVIII.  By analyzing the ranking of the opponents of both Seattle and Denver, I attempted to discern how real their offensive and defensive ranks were.  Playing really bad competition can skew the ranking depending how many of those cup […]
  9. Keith Kilmer

    Analyzing the #1 Rankings – Denver’s #1 Offense

    I have looked at the Seattle Seahawks #1 defensive rankings in correlation to who they played.  Now I will examine how legit the Denver Broncos #1 offensive rankings are by analyzing how good the defenses are that they played against. #1 Ranked Offense In contrast to Seattle, Denver finished the 2013 year ranked 1st in […]
  10. Keith Kilmer

    Changing the Game

    I read an article on NFL.com by Marc Sessler in which NFL commissioner Roger Goodell discusses with Rich Eisen the possibility of taking the extra point kick out of the game.  His reasoning is that the extra point is so automatic that it is no longer exciting. Now I can understand changing the rules to make […]
  11. Keith Kilmer

    Analyzing the #1 Rankings – Scoring Defense

    A lot is being said about Denver being #1 in scoring offense going against Seattle’s #1 rated scoring defense.  Ratings can be skewed depending on the schedules of the teams.  I remember the Indianapolis Colts defense being a top 5 defense against the pass, but it was mainly because teams could run at will against […]
  12. Keith Kilmer

    2 Weeks of SuperBowl Chatter

    With the two Championship games in the rear view mirror, there will be 2 weeks to break down every aspect of the upcoming game. I plan to be posting daily on the game, so stay tuned. What great games we were able watch this weekend.  In the first game, Denver vs. New England, Denver’s defense […]
  13. Keith Kilmer

    A Review of The Book Thief

    My wife picked The Book Thief for our date night and I am happy that she did.  She knew the name because I had mentioned the novel from school.  I have not yet read the novel, but it was highly recommended by friends of mine in the MAT program. We saw the movie on a very small […]
  14. Keith Kilmer

    Divergent Series – Insurgent – A Review

    INSURGENT Veronica Roth. Katherine Tegen Books. 525 Pages. Veronica Roth continues the Divergent saga with this second installment.  The novel begins with its central character trying to make sense of how her world has changed in such a short time.  The Erudite and Dauntless have waged war on the Abnegation, in essence destroying the Abnegation […]
  15. Keith Kilmer

    Divergent Series – Divergent A Review

    DIVERGENT Veronica Roth. Katherine Tegan Books. Copyright 2011. 487 pages. I recently finished reading the Divergent Series over Christmas break.  I am a huge fan of Dystopian fiction and this series intrigued me.  This was an interesting read.  Roth’s writing style is very inviting and easy to maintain for most level young adult readers. Divergent […]
  16. Keith Kilmer

    Naruto – 661- The Failed World?

    It has been a long time since I posted on Naruto. I have been reading them right along and honestly I feel like the series is beginning to drag on, maybe that is why I have been slacking in my Naruto reviews. With Chapter 661, Mashashi Kishimoto presents Madara as the most powerful ninja in […]
  17. Keith Kilmer

    It All Fell Apart

    After a miraculous comeback against the Kansas City Cheifs, the Indianapolis Colts season came to an end in blow-out fashion against the New England Patriots. The experts cannot talk about Peyton Manning without bringing up that he struggles in the playoffs.  Now Andrew Luck struggled for a large portion of the game last week and […]
  18. Keith Kilmer

    Andrew Luck’s Coming of Age?

    I have been a non-believer in the hype machine that ESPN uses to promote Andrew Luck as the greatest quarterback talent of our generation.  This weekend’s wild card game does not change my feeling on it, but it does make me a believer that this guy is surely a gamer. As a Colts fan, I […]
  19. Keith Kilmer

    Predictions for the Saints vs. Eagles Playoff Game

    This game has the potential to be the highest scoring game of this playoff weekend.  The Eagles and the Saints have 2 quarterbacks that have played extremely well this year.  Drew Brees has established himself as one of the top flight quarterbacks in the league and Nick Foles had phenomenal year. This match-up will boil […]
  20. Keith Kilmer

    Holiday Reading

    I have been off for the past two weeks because the schools are on holiday break.  During this time period, I have been doing two things: reading and playing video games. I have been on a tear with catching up on the novels I  received for my past birthday, christmas, and Putnam book fair purchases. […]
  21. Keith Kilmer

    Finroddk – Death Knight

    This toon is only 83.  I just started playing him after a very long absence.  I am not overly fond of DKs.  I remember when they first came out everyone had to play one and they were ridiculously OP.  I started one but quickly lost interest in it. My 7 year-old has been playing this […]
  22. Keith Kilmer

    Rogusto – Sub Rogue

    I am continuing to highlight my WoW characters that I really like.  The next 90 toon I wish to highlight is the sub- rogue Rogusto. I Just recently turned this toon 90.  I have had it forever, but rogue is not one of my favorite characters to play and so it took me a long […]
  23. Keith Kilmer

    Word of the Month

    Starting this month I am going to start publishing a word of the month to match my expectations for that month. This month the word is hopeful. Hopeful (definition per Merriam-Webster) : Adj 1. Having qualities which inspire hope. 2. Full of hope : Inclined to hope. I am hopeful that this year will be […]
  24. Keith Kilmer

    Still looking…

    It has been a full year since I graduated from SUNY Cortland. The time seems to be flying by.  I am still without a full-time teaching job. This comes as no surprise to me.  I expected as much because of the job market for teachers when I graduated.  Most teachers that I talk to say […]
  25. Keith Kilmer

    The Cannon Rush

    Today I am sharing a recent cannon rush of mine from Star Craft II.  I am not normally a “cheeser” (that is someone who attempts to score a victory in the quickest rush fashion possible), but after the winner of the Star Craft II championships used a cannon rush to win his opening match, I […]
  26. Keith Kilmer

    To Be a Parent

    People that know me, know that I have a story to tell.  I am certainly not the best of writers, but I always have a story to tell. When I am gone there will be little of me physically, but my children will take with them the stories of my life.  That is all I […]

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