1. Renee Balvin

    How To Get Started On Twitter (A Tutorial)


    Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites being used all over the world.  No matter who you are, you are able to create a FREE account and being tweeting with friends, co-workers, strangers, and celebrities at any time.  For those of you who are new to Twitter …

  2. khrystie

    Reading Critically: A Short How-To


    There’s been much attention drawn to students being able to read critically – especially with the integration of more Non-Fiction texts. But what does it mean to “read critically?”  Critical readers learn to recognize not only what a text is saying, but also how that text is portraying the information.  …

  3. Samantha Bert

    Need uplifting?


    Now that summer is creeping up around the corner, AKA bathing suit season, this is about the time of the year I stress out the most.  This is the time of year, not only me, but it seems like everyone around me is dieting, working out a lot, and complaining …

  4. Abby Hanrahan

    Technology to promote higher learning!


    In the twenty first century, we are being exposed to many
    different technologies, and because technology has increased the intensity and
    complexity of literate environments, we must change the way we teach!
    Multimodality is essential to the 21st century classroom and if these resources
    are used effectively, they can both …

  5. Samantha Bert

    Digital Citizenship!


    Digital citizenship is very important and it is a “concept that helps teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately” (Digital Citizenship).  I think it is very important to stress in your classroom that (hopefully) uses technology/computers to be appropriate on the …

  6. Emily Heyden

    Dual Citizenship


    In today’s society everyone has dual citizenship- one that is the traditional and one for the digital world.As the technological world continues to expand and create even more of a foot hold in our lives, the laws of this “new” society need to be outlined. This article here does a …

  7. Emily Heyden

    Dual Citizenship


    In today’s society everyone has dual citizenship- one that is the traditional and one for the digital world.As the technological world continues to expand and create even more of a foot hold in our lives, the laws of this “new” society need to be outlined. This article here does a …

  8. Olivia Guay

    What does my footprint look like?


    When I think about my digital footprint it really makes me wonder how much I don’t know about the internet…


    The places that I search, the comments I leave, or the emails I send are all recorded and can easily be traced back to me. Interesting…

    The power of …

  9. Keith Kilmer

    Chatting up the #yalitchat.


    I entered this chat last week and thought the archive was working, but I still can get the twitter tools to work on my site.  So I am tired of waiting.  To be honest I was a bit disappointed by this chat.  I chose it because I am seriously interested …

  10. Keith Kilmer

    Who carries multiple citizenships these days?


    I know what you’re thinking, but no I am not blogging about the rising multi-culturalism of our classrooms.  Instead, I am talking about the amount of time we spend in digital communities.  It is reaching a moment of critical mass where we will be spending more time interfacing with technology …

  11. Lindsay Kenney

    Let’s get digital…digital


    Do you know what digital citizenship is? I did not either. There are nine themes of digital citizenship which are extremely important for those who are venturing out into this tech-savvy world. These themes consist of

    Digital access Digital commerce Digital communication Digital literacy Digital etiquette Digital law Digital rights…
  12. Lindsay Kenney

    Information Fluency


    After an extensive discussion along with various references and articles, I am now currently awake of what information fluency is. Digital Information Fluency is a way to find information in an effective way. Once you understand these components, the title now makes sense. In class, I was fortunate enough to …

  13. Lindsay Kenney

    Tweet Tweet


    I have been a twitter user for a while now, and I actually had no idea what a tweet chat was until recently. When researching what a tweet chat was, I came across an interesting comparison to “small talk at a cocktail party” and I found that to be humorous. …

  14. Renee Balvin

    Digital Citizenship


    If you don’t know this term, you should.  It’s 2012 and practically everything we do is digital.  I recently read an article that discusses nine elements of digital citizenship.  It showed me a lot that I had not considered before.  As digital citizens, we are those who have access into …

  15. Michael Oliveri

    Digital Citizenship


    After all of our studies and learning about multi-modality and learning in the digital age, it’s important for us to understand exactly what ‘digital citizenship’ is.  Digital citizenship is composed of 9 key themes: Access, commerce, communication, literacy, etiquette , law, rights & responsibilities, health & wellness, and finally security.…

  16. Samantha Bert

    My First Live Binders Experience!


    For those of you who are educators, you may know what live binders is.  This is a website that allows teachers to create unit plans/lesson plans online and share with the website.  This is a great tool for teachers because it allows you to organize your units/lessons into binders so …

  17. Ashley Keough

    Digitize Yourself Right


    The world is constantly changing. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with this technological world where digital media has gone viral and know how to navigate through this new world. However, once you know the steps to how to become the very best digital citizen you can be, it becomes …

  18. Sarah Messmer

    How deep is your Digital Footprint?


    We’ve all done it. Posted something to the internet without a second thought. A curse word in a quick post to a friend on Facebook, a photo partying with friends (if you’re 21!), the list goes on. But how many of us have really stopped to consider how these off-the-cuff …

  19. victoria

    Tutorial #2


    Have you ever hear of Weebly? It’s a website where you can make your own online portfolio. If you’re interested, read closely!

    Step one: Go to weebly.com

    Step 2: Fill out the chart where it says: Sign Up! It’s Free!

      (You fill in your full name, e-mail and password)

    Step …

  20. victoria

    Tutorial #1


    I love music so I decided to show how to buy a song from iTunes!

    Step 1: Open up your iTunes:

       (Open us the iTunes…its the second from the bottom on the left)

    Step 2: Once your iTunes is open, clip on the iTunes store which is the first one …

  21. victoria

    Protect Yourself!


    Have you ever thought about your digital footprint? Are you safe? Do you know how to protect yourself? Digital citizenship is very important in the 21st century. There are nine elements that you should be aware of: digital access, digital commerce, digital communication, digital literacy, digital etiquette, digital law, digital …

  22. Abby Hanrahan

    Learning the ropes of digital citizenship


    In the 21st century, participation on the web is so important.  Users are able to contribute to global discussions about anything that interests them, whether it is personal or professional. This being said, it is critically important to ensure that students learn to navigate the web in a responsible and …

  23. Nicole  Morello

    Digital Citizenship


    Digital Citezenship


    Digital citenship is an important concept for our students to understand, each one of the elements. It is equally, if not even more important for teachers to understand and adhere to this concept. The first step is for us to understand that access to electronics is essential, …