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  1. Renee Balvin

    Digital Citizenship

    If you don’t know this term, you should.  It’s 2012 and practically everything we do is digital.  I recently read an article that discusses nine elements of digital citizenship.  It showed me a lot that I had not considered before. … Continue reading
  2. Renee Balvin

    Information Fluency

    Just recently we were focusing on Information Fluency.  It was interesting to consider since technology these days is so rapidly changing.  I found it useful since one day I will be teaching kids who will be using the internet as … Continue reading
  3. Renee Balvin

    Collaboration Nation

    In this day and age, online collaboration is extremely essential.  No matter what, we are constantly referring to the internet to help us solve problems and share ideas.  If it were not for everyone contributing to shared spaces, we would … Continue reading
  4. Renee Balvin

    Happy Leap Day!!

    In honor of February 29th, leap day, here’s my picture of me leaping!  It’s from my Regionals Tournament in Boston, MA this past weekend.  I’m leaping up for a rebound.  My team won the whole tournament last year but sadly … Continue reading
  5. Renee Balvin

    Eener Nivlab

    Eener Nivlab: my name backwards!  That was the idea for the Daily Create.  I needed to record my name backwards.  It’s pretty simple and it sounds kind of funny.  I used to record my voice and I’ll include the … Continue reading
  6. Renee Balvin

    Guess The Movie

    For this design assignment, I had to pick four symbols and put them together to represent a movie.  I used which is a website to make comic books.  I used the four boxes to draw in my symbols that … Continue reading
  7. Renee Balvin


    PostSecret is an incredible collection of secrets sent in to be published.  The creator of PostSecret visited my school last year and it was such a great experience to hear his presentation.  I didn’t know much about the organization until … Continue reading
  8. Renee Balvin

    Tip Of The Day

    Image Source When you have a large, overwhelming list of things to do, break it down into a smaller list.  Cut it into what needs to be done first, and work toward accomplishing that small, specific goal first.  A list … Continue reading
  9. Renee Balvin

    Where I’m From

    Where I’m From.. I am from loving Germans and strong Irish. I’m from chilly Mickey Mouse bed sheets, a bare-faced Dolly and the safety of a sucked thumb. From the soothing lull of the rocking chair while Mom quietly sang … Continue reading
  10. Renee Balvin

    First “Daily Create”

    by The first “Daily Create” I did was to take a picture so that the movement creates a cool blur effect.  My picture is during a basketball game.  My friend Stef is on the floor un-blurred while the rest of … Continue reading

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