1. Renee Balvin

    How To Get Started On Twitter (A Tutorial)


    Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites being used all over the world.  No matter who you are, you are able to create a FREE account and being tweeting with friends, co-workers, strangers, and celebrities at any time.  For those of you who are new to Twitter …

  2. Renee Balvin

    Digital Citizenship


    If you don’t know this term, you should.  It’s 2012 and practically everything we do is digital.  I recently read an article that discusses nine elements of digital citizenship.  It showed me a lot that I had not considered before.  As digital citizens, we are those who have access into …

  3. Renee Balvin

    Information Fluency


    Just recently we were focusing on Information Fluency.  It was interesting to consider since technology these days is so rapidly changing.  I found it useful since one day I will be teaching kids who will be using the internet as a resource for research.  It is important to know exactly …

  4. Renee Balvin

    Tweet Chat


    I took part in my first Twitter chat earlier this evening.  I started using Twitter about 2 years ago when it first came out.  It was only really used by kids updating statuses like they did on Facebook.  Essentially it was just another social network to upload pictures and share …

  5. Renee Balvin

    Collaboration Nation


    In this day and age, online collaboration is extremely essential.  No matter what, we are constantly referring to the internet to help us solve problems and share ideas.  If it were not for everyone contributing to shared spaces, we would not be the advanced society we are.  Whatever you need, …

  6. Renee Balvin

    Emphasis On The Color Yellow


    When I saw that the assignment for the Daily Create was to make a picture that emphasized the color yellow, I knew I would use this one!  This is (obviously) the Eiffel Tower taken from my trip through Europe last June.  Every night on the hour, the Eiffel Tower is …

  7. Renee Balvin

    Our Radio Show


    Our Radio Show

    Me, Toni and Stephanie worked together to create a radio show for our ENG307 class.  I’m going to give a bit of a tutorial on how we uploaded our show.


    In order to make the radio show, we used the program GarageBand that can be found …

  8. Renee Balvin

    You Gotta Love Feet


    The Daily Create today asks us to make an artistic photo that includes one of our toes.  I think feet are so funny so I couldn’t just pick one toe!  I used all of my toes for the picture.  I have a pillow that says “LOVE” that I got for …

  9. Renee Balvin

    Happy Leap Day!!


    In honor of February 29th, leap day, here’s my picture of me leaping!  It’s from my Regionals Tournament in Boston, MA this past weekend.  I’m leaping up for a rebound.  My team won the whole tournament last year but sadly this year, we lost in the semifinals.  We played Penn …

  10. Renee Balvin

    My Favorite Type of Weather…


    …is the kind of weather we can wear shorts and a tank top in and not feel the slightest bit chilly.  It’s weather that we can wear flip flops to catch those extra rays of sunshine on our toes.  It’s weather that the sun shines so bright, that we need …

  11. Renee Balvin

    A Representation of Me


    I LOVE this picture.  More because of the story that goes with it.  For this assignment, I was to create a picture that is a representation of me.  I chose this one because of the scenario and the quote.  This picture was taken around 3am when we were in High …

  12. Renee Balvin

    My Home-Made Postcard


    My first home-made postcard!  Cute, isn’t it?  It took me quite a while to figure out how to make it but I like how it came out.  I used a picture I took when I was in Paris (on the left) of a big, beautiful mansion with a gorgeous lawn.  …

  13. Renee Balvin

    Eener Nivlab


    Eener Nivlab: my name backwards!  That was the idea for the Daily Create.  I needed to record my name backwards.  It’s pretty simple and it sounds kind of funny.  I used SoundCloud.com to record my voice and I’ll include the link at the bottom of this post.  I’m interested in …

  14. Renee Balvin

    Guess The Movie


    For this design assignment, I had to pick four symbols and put them together to represent a movie.  I used chogger.com which is a website to make comic books.  I used the four boxes to draw in my symbols that represented the movie I am thinking of.  (The third picture …

  15. Renee Balvin



    PostSecret is an incredible collection of secrets sent in to be published.  The creator of PostSecret visited my school last year and it was such a great experience to hear his presentation.  I didn’t know much about the organization until the presentation and I’m so glad I went.  Students even …

  16. Renee Balvin

    How Old I Feel…


    The Daily Create asks to take a photo of an object that represents how old I feel.  I feel 21 and I’m loving it!  I picked this picture with my birthday sash that my friend Toni made for me.  While I still act like a little kid sometimes, it feels …

  17. Renee Balvin

    Tip Of The Day


    Image Source

    When you have a large, overwhelming list of things to do, break it down into a smaller list.  Cut it into what needs to be done first, and work toward accomplishing that small, specific goal first.  A list can be unbearable so take control and make things happen …

  18. Renee Balvin

    My Not-So-Typical Household Items


    The challenge for this assignment was to take a picture of household items and manipulate the colors.  I took a picture of our lemons that were in a bowl and played around the with the coloring.  I highlighted the lemon in the middle to keep it yellow while the rest …

  19. Renee Balvin

    Sticky Situation


    For this assignment, I was to incorporate a stick figure into an image to make it a “Sticky” Situation.  I found this adorable sticker of a stick figure girl and put it on an edited picture of my dog, Roxy.  I think it’s cute because Roxy looks like she’s thinking, …

  20. Renee Balvin

    Image With a Message


    I think this is one of the most beautiful pictures that I’m in.  My friend and I were at the beach for sunset during the winter one day and we took some amazing pictures.  With the assignment to add a famous quote to an image, I came across this picture.  …

  21. Renee Balvin

    The Comic Book Me


    It’s me as a comic book character – don’t I fit the part?  For this assignment, I was to take a picture of myself and turn it into a comic book image.  I used my photo booth application that easily allowed me to turn on the comic book effect.  All …

  22. Renee Balvin

    “Switch Up The Mood”


    This is my finished product for the Visual Assignment called “Switch Up The Mood.”  The object of this assignment was to take a picture and edit the hues, colors, saturation, exposure, etc. in order to change the mood of a picture.  When I started this assignment, I knew I wanted …

  23. Renee Balvin

    Splash The Color



    I am so extremely excited to have my new macbook! I can do so much with it to help me with the assignments I have in my English 307 class.  I’ve just finished creating my first visual assignment which was to “emphasize details- you remove all color from a …

  24. Renee Balvin

    Where I’m From


    Where I’m From..

    I am from loving Germans and strong Irish.
    I’m from chilly Mickey Mouse bed sheets, a bare-faced Dolly and the safety of a sucked thumb.
    From the soothing lull of the rocking chair while Mom quietly sang me to sleep.
    I’m from “Up, down, up, down” and …

  25. Renee Balvin

    Dream or Reality?…


    I want to start off by saying that I have the MOST vivid dreams every, single night.  My dreams are so realistic that there are points during the day that I question whether or not I did or said something I dreamt about.  Many times, hearing about other people’s dreams …

  26. Renee Balvin

    Setting Up My First Blog… Ever!


    Creating this blog was not an easy task for me!  I thought I was up with technology but was definitely mistaken once I took on the challenge of creating this blog.  The directions were all there and easy to follow, but I let an important email slip under the radar …

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